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What does it take to succeed in the creative industry? Get invaluable advice and insight with VFS Industry Talks, our exclusive Q&As with some of the top creative minds working in film, television, design, animation, and video games today. Watch our past events below.


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Kevin Smith: Filmmaker & VFS Creative Ambassador

From VFS to Indie Stardom and Beyond: Filmmaker Kevin Smith talks about getting his start at VFS and going on to become a celebrated writer, director, and producer. Find out what it takes to build a creative career and how industry professionals such as Smith are adapting in an era of digital delivery.


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Kahing Chan Award-Winning Animator & Designer (Sony Pictures Television Japan, Cartoon Network, MTV China & Disney)


Past Talks

Zabrina Matiru: Key Makeup Artist

How to Diversify Your Makeup Skills in a Pandemic: Born and raised in Kenya, Zabrina takes pride in her multicultural upbringing. Her artistic perspective draws from a global aesthetic and her personal objective is the pursuit of inclusivity and diversity within the film industry and beyond.

Jordan Lyle: Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative Director | For The Culture

Designing For The Culture: Jordan Lyle discusses how purpose-driven design and storytelling have the ability to foster community and promote change to propel culture forward.

Ryan Honey: Co-Founder | Buck

Understanding the New Design Landscape: Ryan Honey discusses his approach to design thinking and how different creative disciplines, from animation to game design and VR/AR, can join forces to tackle new challenges and create powerful new experiences.

Gigi Saul Guerrero: Horror Director & Actor

Secrets of Genre Filmmaking: Gigi Saul Guerrero discusses how genre-based cinema differs from traditional filmmaking, how to stay true to tradition while expanding the genre, and how her international perspective has informed her approach to horror.

Lino DiSalvo: Animator, Director, Producer & Writer

A Journey in Animation and the Things I’ve Learned: Lino DiSalvo discusses what he learned from 20 years of experience in the animation industry, how to stay true to your vision, and how to balance expectations and negative input.

Rob Cowan: Blockbuster Producer

Prepping a Movie Production in 2020 – What Does it Take: Rob Cowan discusses current Hollywood production protocols, what the industry has learned from being remote, what has worked, and what hasn’t.

Tian Yuan: Award-Winning Actor, Writer & Director

Bringing a Woman’s Perspective to Chinese Moviemaking: Tian Yuan discusses working in different creative streams, how she is bringing her female perspective to Chinese filmmaking, and how Chinese filmmakers, specifically women, can access the tools and resources needed to tell their own stories.

Mark Breakspear: VFX Supervisor | Sony Pictures Imageworks

VFX – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Mark Breakspear discusses the ups and downs of working in the VFX industry, from on-set etiquette to creative problem-solving, working with others, work-life balance, virtual sets, and selective grazing techniques at the craft service table.

Scott Mosier: Hollywood Director, Producer & Writer

Pitching the Idea in an Animated World: Scott Mosier Buck discusses how to pitch an idea in the animation world, what real-time learning means, and understanding the power of people, process, and networking.

Matt Toner: CEO | Biba Ventures

Problem Solving Through Design Thinking: Matt Toner discusses getting his start at VFS, how “busted design” can be beautiful, and what it takes to become a problem solver through design thinking.

Godfrey Mwampembwa (aka Gado): Political Cartoonist

Questioning Through Art: Gado discusses how the techniques he learned at VFS have stuck with him as an illustrator, how artists can use their talent and their art to drive positive social change, and the importance of global connections and giving back.

Cory Barlog: Video Game Developer | Sony Interactive Entertainment

Balancing Storytelling & Design for AAA Video Games: Cory discusses how to balance creative storytelling and game design in the AAA industry, the challenges of large-scale team coordination, and what it takes to be ready as a video game artist for the next generation of gaming platforms.



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