Academic Policies

Academic Accommodations Policy — This policy details the process by which students can receive academic accommodations that ensure they have equitable access to educational opportunities. The document further defines the responsibilities of the student, program, and VFS.

Admissions Policy — This policy describes the requirements and terms of admission to VFS.

Attendance Policy — This policy governs attendance, including missed classes and late arrivals to class, whether on or offline. It describes the consequences of missing class time, which may include dismissal and loss of funding.

Grading Policies — This document outlines the grade averages at VFS, the process for appealing grades, and academic probation for students who are failing to meet program standards. It also defines academic misconduct and dishonesty, and penalties that such misconduct can result in.

Leave of Absence Policy — This policy describes the circumstances in which a student may request a leave of absence from their studies at VFS, and the process of making such a request.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy — This policy emphasizes VFS’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion for students, staff, and faculty, and how VFS protects its community against discrimination.

Preferred First Name Policy — This policy describes VFS’s commitment to using preferred first names on VFS IDs and other class related documentation, as well as the process of replacing legal (dead) names for official documents such as diplomas, transcripts, and certificates.


Respectful and Fair Treatment Policy — This policy affirms every member of the VFS community’s right to study and work in an environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and gendered violence.

Student Statement of Rights — This policy defines the rights of VFS students to fair and respectful treatment, information provided in a student enrollment contract, VFS’s dispute resolution process, and make claims to the Private Training Institutions Branch.

Safety Policies

Safety and Risk Management — This document compiles the safety, emergency, and injury protocols at VFS. It describes the procedures to follow in instances of minor or serious injury, illness, fire and building evacuation (including designated assembly areas), earthquakes, and threats to the safety and security of VFS community members.

Sexual Misconduct Policy — This policy defines sexual misconduct, consent, and circumstances in which consent cannot be given (such as intoxication or where a power imbalance exists.) It also describes reporting and investigative procedures, and the potential outcomes of any investigation.

Weapons Policy — This policy outlines VFS’s prohibition on using and possessing weapons, whether real or fake, on VFS campuses and in VFS productions.

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