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When making important decisions about your post-secondary education, there are countless questions you might ask, and here is where you can get insight into the many facets of the Vancouver Film School experience. What makes VFS different? Where can you meet us in person? What industry partnerships has VFS forged to make the student experience even better? What do our students and graduates say about VFS, and where have their films and reels been seen by audiences around the world? Explore the answers to these questions and much more.

Message From The President

James Griffin
James Griffin, President

It is very easy to become more preoccupied with the allure of merchandise and forget about quality. At VFS we measure value by things that can't be bought. So in our specific environment, the things that anybody can buy are high-end software or a dedicated post-production facility. They are essential tools but tools don't win top awards or send students to festivals around the world or earn them jobs with Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and LucasFilm. Success comes from the application of these tools in the hands of talented people who know what to do with them. Success is the result of good process.

Even a quick review of our website shows there is a superabundance of student and graduate accomplishments. We don't lay claim to these, but I must note by any measurement, VFS graduates are remarkably productive. This is why industry professionals with experience at stellar organizations like Sony, Pixar, BioWare, Nokia, and Digital Domain choose to join our advisory boards.

Along with the individual achievements are personal narratives from which I confess to drawing a certain inspiration. These narratives reflect diverse backgrounds, talent, skill, luck, a range of cultures and unique circumstance. Collectively they tell the unfolding story of the school and speak to the heart of our worth - the thing we can't buy - our reputation.

It is a reputation built not on promises but on results.

James Griffin