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One Year Digital Design Program
At Vancouver Film School

Digital Design

In this video, view a sample of work created by students in the one-year Digital Design program.

As a Digital Designer, you like to organize information and present it as a visual experience, building an emotional connection with your audience. In Vancouver Film School’s Digital Design program, you learn to use graphic design and computer-generated imagery to convey a message that helps educate, persuade, and/or entertain your audience. There are three main fields of Digital Design careers.

Communication Design
Communication Design (aka Graphic Design) combines an understanding of colour, type, and composition with an audience-centred marketing approach to convey a specific message (like social causes or product promotion) to a targeted group. You’ll work on projects that include logo design, advertising, and print and packaging design.

Interactive Design
Interactive Design (aka User Experience Design) focuses on satisfying the needs and desires of the people who interact with a product or service, while also conveying a branded message. The interactions might take place through websites, apps for mobile, or other touch screens. Your projects will involve designing the user interface (aka UI design), persona development, and the overall user experience (UX) design.

Motion Design
Motion Design (aka Motion Graphic Design) merges video footage with audio and 2D or 3D animation to create the illusion of movement. Motion designers are responsible for title sequences, online graphics, as well as visually enhanced films, commercials, and videos.

The Results - Selected Alumni Credits

What You Will Learn

Digital Design is about becoming a part of something bigger: a year-long transformation that's both professional and personal. What you will learn in the program is designed to give you everything you need to be a complete designer who's ready to make a difference in the industry.

Experience OOMPH

VFS Digital Design students expressed their desire for an online forum, different from Facebook, in which they could share work, connect with alumni and industry professionals, inspire one another, and be inspired by the larger design community. The result is Oomph, a unique window into the one-year Digital Design program.

Student Design Case Study

Step-by-step, Digital Design grad Ileana Hierro demonstrates how she combined rigorous process and many design disciplines to create her inspiring branding guide for 'Sandbox', a community-focused organization, as her final project. view full case study