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One Year Acting for Film & Television Program
At Vancouver Film School

An Intro to Acting

Creative Specialist, Bill Marchant walks through what you will learn in the one year Acting for Film & Television program.

Acting for the camera requires a unique set of skills. What you will learn in VFS acting classes emphasizes the fundamentals of cinematic naturalism, the style you'll be expected to achieve most often when you're on set. From your very first week in school until the last, you'll be on camera.

The Results - Selected Alumni Credits

To read about graduates doing what they love in the industry, check out the Acting stories on the VFS Blog.

VFS is truly one of a kind. I've never seen a program prepare an actor so quickly for the rigours of Hollywood. The foundations that are given to their students help them not only make their mark in this industry but gives them the tools to stay. Within a year, you leave school with a foundation that allows you to get your foot in the door and keep it there.

Matthew Lillard
Actor (Scooby Doo, The Descendants)

What You Will Learn

Acting is an art of self-discovery. Your craft is based on a close study of relationships, emotions, and actions, and your talent is seen in every gesture you make and every word you speak in front of the camera. Here are some of the highlights from your year of acting classes at VFS:

Professional Faculty

Everyone on faculty in the Acting department comes to your class with ongoing professional experience in the performing arts. VFS instructors regularly appear on stage and screen, working as part of major international productions as well as initiating successful independent projects. Their passion for the craft, intimate knowledge of the industry, and lifelong commitment to the art form means that your training is delivered with a true respect for the role of the actor.

Student Showcase

Alongside the many festivals where our students' films are premiered - from Tribeca to Toronto, and winning awards along the way - VFS has one of the most popular director channels on YouTube. Thanks to online distribution, there is now the real potential to break a new actor with a student film.


Vancouver Film School provides actors with many opportunities to test and improve their abilities. The strong connection between departments at VFS allows Acting students to make close contacts with budding filmmakers, make-up artists, and writing students, all of whom are ready to collaborate on projects. No sooner have you learned to audition and you'll be auditioning for VFS projects.


Graduation Day is also a truly unique experience for all Acting students. Your last day at VFS is a celebration with family and friends to help complete the journey. To start your career, you'll have a portfolio featuring your film workshop scene, visual effects shoot, Guest Director Project, and Location Shoot. As well as mentorship to complete a professional resume, you'll also receive a full set of 8x10 headshots to take to potential casting agents, producers, and filmmakers.

Audition For Acting

To audition for the Acting program, submit a video that features two contrasting monologues and a brief demonstration of any special skills (if applicable). Please also include answers to all questions listed under Content Requirements to illustrate your beliefs about the art of performance and your reasons for wanting to become an actor.

For students who want to find out if acting is an art form they want to pursue, but haven't had the chance to study the form too deeply, the Acting Essentials program is an ideal start. It's a four-month intensive program that prepares you for the advanced classes you'll receive in the Acting program. The Essentials program is intended to help students become acquainted with how acting is taught at VFS so that you might benefit even more from the Acting program.