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One Year Makeup Design for Film & Television Program
At Vancouver Film School

Makeup Design for Film & Television

In this video, view a sample of work created by students in the one-year Makeup Design for Film & Television program.

Under the guidance of Stan Edmonds, a respected industry makeup artist, Vancouver Film School's one-year Makeup Design program is truly unparalleled in its approach to the art of light and colour in storytelling.

From big dreams to big realities - VFS offers the only Makeup Design program in the world that combines every aspect of the discipline in one amazingly intense year. Through an immersive study of all facets of makeup including stage makeup, fashion makeup, film and television makeup, and makeup effects, to script breakdown, on-set protocol and digital character design, one year at VFS prepares you to join any production team, day or night.

A Top-10 school favoured by
game industry recruiters.
- LA. Times

They had to apply mud to the Caribs, natives of the central and the northern parts of South America, and most didn't know how. Once I told them I was a graduate from VFS, I was in.

Janelle Henderson
Makeup Design for Film & Television Graduate
Makeup Artist, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The Kit

The Makeup Kit

The personal makeup kit for each student contains top-of the-line, industry-approved products that match the rigorous standards of any professional makeup artist working today. Your kit is completely included within your tuition and holds a retail value of over $5,000. more

Personal Makeup Kit | Makeup Lab Supplies

What You Will Learn

Makeup Achievement Award Winners

Martina Sandelin Katie Kinney

Martina Sandelin and Katie Kinney are the Makeup Achievement Award winners for the graduating class of August, 2014. Their hard work over the past year has distinguished these two women as talented makeup artists with promising careers ahead of them.

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