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One Year Foundation Visual Art & Design Program
At Vancouver Film School

Foundation Visual Art & Design

In this video, experience a sample of work created by students in the one-year Foundation Visual Art & Design program.

Build a foundation in traditional art techniques combined with training in modern visual media in this rigorous and exploratory one-year program. Foundation Visual Art & Design is ideal preparation to flourish in VFS's other acclaimed programs.

Student Dazzles Hot UK Band

Building off a project he began in Foundation, Digital Design student Jordan Clarke has gotten the attention of British acoustic rock band Broadcast 2000. more

Composing a Solid Foundation

Samson Wong builds on his experiences in Foundation and 3D Animation & Visual Effects to work on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Incredible Hulk. more

The Foundation of a Game Artist

Nadia Lohan knew she wanted to be an artist for video games, and applied her artistic know-how to Game Design after Foundation. Cue Ubisoft Vancouver. more

What you will learn in the multidisciplinary Foundation program covers a wide range of skills and experiences, from Drawing, Photography, Cinematography, and Animation to Storyboarding, Sound Design, Writing, and Acting, to name a few. You'll use vital tools like Flash, After Effects, and Maya, enabling you to further explore your craft.

In the final months of the program, Foundation students choose from three specializations - Animation, Digital Design, and Film - and are mentored by our faculty of industry professionals as they develop their final projects. Along with the work they've done throughout their year, these projects form the basis of a professional-quality and wide-ranging portfolio.

The Foundation program itself was fantastic. As a traditional artist, I was opened up to the world of digital media and felt like there were so many more things to explore, and different ways I could grow because of it. I'm really glad that I took the program because not only did I learn a lot, but I met a lot of really good friends there.

Nadia Lohan
Foundation Visual Art & Design Graduate | Game Design Graduate
Front-End Artist at Ubisoft Vancouver

The end of your year is only the beginning of your creative journey. The Foundation curriculum is carefully designed to be both a self-contained educational experience and the ideal springboard into other acclaimed VFS programs. A year in Foundation equips students to thrive in 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Digital Design, Film Production, Game Design, Makeup Design for Film & Television, Sound Design for Visual Media, and Writing for Film & Television.