Vancouver Film School: Production, Animation, Game Design, Acting and more


This multidisciplinary program exposes you to situational learning experiences, and encourages you to strengthen your creative faculties by accessing your passion and talent. Completion of Foundation is ideal preparation for entry into such VFS production programs as 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Digital Design, Film Production, Game Design, Makeup Design for Film & Television, Sound Design for Visual Media, and Writing for Film & Television.

Program & Term Overview

Weeks 1-8 (Term 1)

You are introduced to drawing skills, computer, and lens-based skills as a basis for creative development. Through hands-on design work, presentation and critique, you explore and validate formal aspects of 2D composition. Communication using images in sequence are also introduced as key creative strategies. You also begin investigating the broad sweep of art, design and media history and are shown the importance of media theory and criticism.

Subjects Covered

  • Drawing 1
  • Digital Essentials
  • Lens-Based Media
  • 2D Design 1 - Composition
  • Sequential Media
  • Colour Theory
  • Visual Communication 1
  • Art & Creativity 1
  • Acting

Weeks 9-16 (Term 2)

You further explore the themes and subject matter introduced in Term one. You will begin studies in Digital Media creation and Media editing. You continue to study art, psychology of art, design, and media history. You further widen your creative and expressive horizons with classes in Writing and Drawing.

Subjects Covered

  • Drawing 2
  • Interactive Design
  • 2D Design 2 - Perspective
  • Media Production 1 - Edit
  • Media Production 2 - Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Visual Communication 2
  • Psychology & Art
  • Writing 1
  • Art & Creativity 2

Weeks 17-24 (Term 3)

Motion graphics, video, and animation now play a large role as you continue to develop your skills and abilities through the application of principles of Media Production and the on-going study of computer software. As Drawing classes continue, principles of animation, communication and expression through perceived motion are explored. Presentation, critique, creative process and conceptual development continue to play an important role as you move closer to the selection of a specialized stream.

Subjects Covered

  • Drawing 3
  • Motion Design 1
  • Classical Animation 1
  • Maya 1
  • Storyboard
  • Human-Centred Innovation
  • Writing 2
  • Art & Creativity 3

Weeks 25-32 (Term 4)

You are guided to complete a personal project at the end of Term which will draw from all of the skills and methodologies gained during the first three terms, along with new skills and methodologies introduced in continuing classes. You explore creativity in various forms. Industry orientation presentations provide you with context to help you select your stream (specialization).

Subjects Covered

  • Drawing 4
  • Final Project
  • Flash 1
  • Cinematography 1
  • Writing 3
  • Career Orientation
  • Art & Creativity 4
  • Discovery Project

Weeks 33-40 (Term 5)

You specialize by choosing one of three streams: Digital Design, Classical and 3D Animation, or Film, and begin pre-production on your stream final project. Specialized courses deal with the fundamental aspects of creativity and production within a chosen stream.

Subjects Covered

  • Film Stream
    • Sound Design
    • Directing
    • Cinematography 2
  • Animation Stream
    • Classical Animation 2
    • Maya 2
    • Writing & Production for Comics
  • Digital Design Stream
    • Motion Design 2
    • Flash 2

Weeks 41-48 (Term 6)

Students create and complete their Stream Projects, and complete their final portfolios, websites, or show reels in preparation for graduation. Work is presented for final critique and grading.

Subjects Covered

  • Final Presentation
  • Stream Project Mentor