Game Design | Game Development and Design Program at VFS

One Year Game Design Program
At Vancouver Film School

Game Design

Experience the one-year journey inside the Game Design program, featuring student and alumni games.

Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program will help you become a professional game designer in just one year, taking you through the entire video game development cycle from concept to final game. You’ll work closely with video game industry mentors in an immersive environment that mirrors that of a professional studio as you design, produce, and present fully playable games.

A Top-10 school favoured by
game industry recruiters.
- LA. Times

The Results - Selected Alumni Credits

What You Will Learn

The courses you’ll take to become a game designer will help you master many disciplines. The VFS Game Design curriculum guides you through the stages of concepting, level design, game interface design, all the way to scripting, programming, and complete game creation.

Make Games, Make Your Mark

When you graduate, you'll be ready to work on any game design team, combining gameplay, story, graphics, and sound into playable game experiences. Why? Because you've done it already at VFS: learning by doing, creating a professional portfolio with everything from pen-and-paper games to casual Flash games to full-blown next-gen games. See our Showcase for examples of student work.

Learn from Professional Designers

Vancouver is a world hub of game development. Our instructors and mentors come right from that industry and are your first - and often your best - professional network. Near the end of your year at VFS, you'll have the chance to present your finished games to an audience of insiders and recruiters at a Pitch and Play event, where you can forge valuable career connections.