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Four Month Acting Essentials Program
At Vancouver Film School

An Intro to Acting

Creative Specialist, Bill Marchant walks through what you will learn in the one year Acting for Film & Television program.

Created specifically for beginners with a strong desire to take their first steps in front of an audience. Acting Essentials is a four month course that introduces the discipline and is tailored to prepare students to enter our full-time Acting program.

That year and a half [in Acting Essentials and Acting for Film & Television] was probably the scariest time in my life... it was also the absolute best.

Emilie Ullerup
Acting Essentials / Acting for Film & Television Graduate
Actor, Sanctuary

What You Will Learn

Acting is an art of self-discovery. Your craft is based on a close study of relationships, emotions, and actions, and your talent is seen in every gesture you make and every word you speak in front of the camera. Here are some of the highlights from your four months as an acting student at VFS:

A Strong Foundation in the Craft of Acting

Together the body and the voice are the actor's instrument. To land the role of a lifetime on a film, television show, or the stage means practicing every day. You need to fine-tune your instrument just like a classical pianist or a boxer, because you never know what role you'll get to play. Acting Essentials provides you with a foundation in the craft. Your lessons include a look back at the history of performance as well as many opportunities to discover what you have to offer on stage, in front of the camera, and in rehearsals.

Professional Faculty

The program is led and taught by experienced acting professionals who bring their creativity and practical knowledge into the classroom. VFS instructors regularly appear on stage and screen, working as part of major international productions as well as initiating successful independent projects. With their guidance, you learn how to interpret stories creatively and how to use your body and voice to communicate with other actors and with an audience.

After Graduation

After completing Acting Essentials, you'll be more at ease in front of an audience, and more aware of yourself, physically and psychologically. The lessons and training you receive will provide you with an open mind and exercise your imagination, while also helping you determine whether acting is your true calling. You will also gain a deeper familiarity with the approach that VFS takes to teaching the craft so that you're ready to take your training to the next level and move on to the full-time Acting program.