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One Year Writing for Film & Television Program
At Vancouver Film School

Amy Roy

Graduate Amy Roy discusses her time in the intense program, her new outlook as a writer, and why she needed to take the leap.

To make it as a professional screenwriter, you must have an absolute command of the craft of storytelling and a deep understanding of the world of film and television. What you will learn during the single most intense year of your writing career will transform you from an aspiring writer to a proven writer, ready to compete in today's industry.

From the first day of their first class, students are writing and learning to critique each other's work in the same way that professional writers work in the industry. VFS is a terrific place to start or develop a career in writing for film or television.

Maria Jacquemetton
Emmy Award Winning Writer and Producer, Mad Men

What You Will Learn

Your year in Writing for Film & Television will have you writing everything from feature screenplays and episodic television to sketch comedy, short films, and documentary treatments. What you will learn will allow you build a portfolio of production-ready work and gain the industry savviness needed to launch a career as a professional screenwriter.

Your Portfolio

When you leave VFS, you'll be equipped with a portfolio to showcase your abilities as a writer, including feature, TV, and short film scripts, a produced short film, and–if you choose–a produced web series, journalism pieces, an original TV series bible and pilot, and more.

After Graduation

A writing life is just like The Hero's Journey: it's an uphill battle, there are no easy shortcuts, and there are a whole lot of obstacles along the way. But for writers, the story is what matters and the journey is part of the fun. The Writing program at VFS prepares you to hit the ground running: you'll graduate ready for any number of career paths to life as a professional screenwriter.


Vancouver Film School's position as a complete media and entertainment school means that students in the Writing program have the opportunity to work with filmmakers, actors, make-up artists, digital designers, 3D animators, sound designers, and business management students to collaborate on exciting and diverse projects. See our Showcase page for some examples of cross-departmental collaborations.

Professional Faculty

You'll be learning story from experienced storytellers. Our instructors are professionals actively working in the film and TV industry. This means you get to work with - and network with - the very people that may hire you tomorrow. Graduates are regularly referred and even hired by their former instructors.