Vancouver Film School: Production, Animation, Game Design, Acting and more

The Right Program for You

Vancouver Film School's 13 programs span the entertainment arts. In one year or less, each and every VFS program provides students with a comprehensive, industry-current curriculum that covers both theory and hands-on, practical training.

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3D Animation & Visual Effects

Learn all the tools you'll need to be a 3D artist, as you create a compelling animation, modeling, or visual effects reel. more

Classical Animation

Study the entire 2D animation process from concept development to finished product, including the creation of your own traditionally animated short film and a Flash film. more

Digital Character Animation

An advanced six-month production program for experienced 3D and classical animators looking to refine their skills in character animation as they create their own character-based film. more

Acting for Film & Television

Acting students prepare for a professional acting career by studying in a studio environment how to perform in front of a camera. more

Acting Essentials

This four-month program prepares you to enter the year-long Acting program. Learn to interpret stories and communicate effectively using both body and voice. more

Digital Design

Refine your design work, creating an innovative portfolio while providing your industry clients with the most elegant solutions for their needs. more

Film Production

Learn directing, producing, cinematography, screenwriting, art direction, and editing, as you collaborate on dramatic films. more

Game Design

Study all aspects of game design, from visual storytelling to level design to the production process, as you collaborate to create a playable game. more

Makeup Design for Film & Television

Learn everything from set etiquette to glamour makeup, out-of-kit effects, and the latest techniques for three-dimensional prosthetic makeup, so you are prepared to be part of any production team. more

Programming for Games, Web & Mobile

Master many disciplines, understand even more. Get the deep technical skills, design knowledge, and industry expertise to work in an almost unprecedented number of fields. more

Sound Design for Visual Media

Develop skills in editing, recording, and mixing to create and design sounds to match images in film, animation, and video games. more

Writing for Film & Television

Write, workshop, and collaborate on a variety of storytelling forms, including feature and short scripts, episodic TV scripts, sketch comedy, and web series. more

Foundation Visual Art & Design

Combine traditional theories with training in modern visual media like film, animation, and digital technologies. Grow as an artist while preparing for other VFS production programs. more