Vancouver Film School: Production, Animation, Game Design, Acting and more


This program provides you comprehensive experience working in front of a camera, on stage, and studying voice and body work. Working in a studio environment that prepares you for the versatility expected of professional actors, you learn to make original films by collaborating with writers, directors, and film crew professionals. This program prepares you for the creative and practical demands expected of you by teaching you to be professional, to take responsibility for your creative growth, and how to capture audience imagination.

Program & Term Overview

Weeks 1-16 (Term 1 & 2)

As first steps, you learn fundamental acting skills and define core processes from a variety of established approaches. You begin by studying acting technique, film and television craft, script interpretation, voice work, singing, and movement for the actor. You focus on the artistic and technical demands for on-camera performance in film and television, and are introduced to the casting process and auditioning skills. Techniques in the physical and vocal disciplines promote imaginative, emotional and efficient use of your voice and body.

Term 2 focuses on strengthening your acting skills and techniques, and the further exploration of voice and body work. Your on-camera work moves towards a two-day visual effects shoot where you will film a short script in a basic blue/green screen setting. You will apply learned skills and techniques to prepare a short scene for presentation to the faculty and student body at the end of the term.

Subjects Covered

  • Acting 1
  • Movement
  • Singing 1
  • Voice 1
  • Scene Study on Camera 1
  • Improv 1
  • Camera 1
  • Audition 1
  • Text Analysis 1
  • VFS Film Production Instructor Shoot

Weeks 17-32 (Term 3 & 4)

Your skills in script analysis are sharpened, emphasizing the need to draw from your personal experiences to write text and examine subtext. Your audition techniques are further developed with emphasis placed on current film, television and commercials. You focus on how unconscious habits often inhibit full vocal potential and are challenged to work from deeper breathing sources as you gain an understanding of the uses of diction.

The following term introduces you to advanced scene study, and how it deepens your sense of emotional truth and moment-to-moment spontaneity while you remain connected to the demands of precise and detailed storytelling. Your on-camera technique is enhanced as you shoot a variety of short scenes in a moving master style. You are introduced to the process of learning a new dialect as well as discovering the art of voice acting for animation. You are given the opportunity to explore the voiceover performance industry through practical recording sessions in a sound studio. Throughout terms three and four you attend seminars and workshops led by key professionals from within the industry in the industry. Highlights include in-depth sessions with internationally renowned casting director Carol Kelsay. The term culminates in a rigorous rehearsal process and live presentations of monologues, scenes, movement pieces, and individual singing presentations to faculty reviews and critiques.

Subjects Covered

  • Acting 2
  • Movement 2
  • Singing 2
  • Voice 2
  • Scene Study 2
  • Camera 2
  • Dialects
  • Voice Acting
  • Audition 2
  • Special Seminars

Weeks 33-48 (Term 5 & 6)

Independent on-location video shoots, as well as film and video workshops, exercise your knowledge of the filming process with emphasis on how each step affects your craft. You also gain a greater understanding of the physical and emotional continuity needed to fulfill the technical requirements of a role. You are introduced to the fundamentals of various dance steps as you build your skill set. The Improv Collaboration Lab partners you with young writers in an intensive week culminating in a provocative and entertaining show. This life changing workshop will help reveal the dynamic artist within the actor.

Term six is the climax of the year's work, helping you bring together your final pieces that will reveal you as both artist and entrepreneur. Specifically, you are taught how to market yourself in the entertainment industry, and advised on how to prepare a business plan in order to make the successful transition from student to professional. You will leave school with a complete portfolio ready to secure an agent, nail auditions and land roles in this highly competitive industry. Highlights of the term include the research, coaching, and successful execution of a professional promotional reel, a theatre audition preparation workshop and the completion of the Location Shoot film work. Your year of study culminates in a showcase of work from the year, as well as a graduation presentation of location films and a final singing performance, celebrating the success of the ensemble with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Subjects Covered

  • Acting 3
  • Singing 3
  • Dance Skills 3
  • Voice 3
  • Camera 3 - Location Shoot
  • Collaboration
  • The Biz
  • Promo Reel
  • Audition 3