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Advanced Digital Character Animation Program
At Vancouver Film School

Digital Character Animation

In this video, experience a sample of work created by students in the six-month Digital Character Animation program.

Best 6-Month Digital Character Animation Program in the World.
- 3D World Magazine

Digital Character Animation is an advanced six-month production program for experienced 3D and classical animators looking to refine their skills in character animation as they create their own character-based film.

The Results - Selected Alumni Credits

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Student Case Study - The Making of Cricket

In under 3 minutes, Ben Stern's short film Cricket manages to be colourful, awe-inspiring, action-packed, and funny. In this case study, Ben takes you behind the scenes and shines a light on the process of making a film in Digital Character Animation. View full case study

What You Will Learn

From concept development to character modeling and animation to production and post-production, what you will learn in this rigorous program will allow you to create your film in just six months. You will learn on Maya - the industry standard software - and will have the opportunity to work with Pixar's Renderman.


Led by industry professionals, the VFS Digital Character Animation department is one-of-a-kind for the skills and knowledge that every member of its faculty brings to the school. Our instructors take their expertise to every class for the most in-depth lessons based on professional protocol and creative experience, which reinforces the program's true-to-industry production environment.