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Beyond Communication, Interactive, and Motion Design

Your first day in Digital Design marks the beginning of a truly exceptional educational journey – one that's unique to VFS.
From that first moment, you become an active part of a buzzing design nucleus and begin a metamorphosis from someone with wonderful talent into someone who knows how to focus that talent to shape the experiences of millions of people – someone with the potential to change the world.

Master the Essentials of Design

For your first six months in the program, you sweat and breathe design in an atmosphere that exactly parallels the real design world. Digital Design reflects the industry so closely that while you're a student you're already effectively working inside the kind of elite creative environment you will one day join as a professional. From the beginning, you'll learn how to zero in on The Big Idea – and then how to make it sing. You'll learn to walk the tightrope between the business objectives of your client and your audience's need to be entertained, educated, and inspired. You'll learn how to break down a creative brief and guide an idea through to completion in 360-degree, multi-channel campaigns. You'll gain all the essential creative and technical skills – whether it's how to brainstorm effectively or thrive within timeline and budget constraints while producing awe-inspiring results. But your experience in Digital Design transcends any quaint notion of design as a series of deliverables. It's about developing an innate understanding of communication, interactive, and motion design. And more importantly, it's about internalizing those disciplines and moving beyond them. It's about becoming a complete designer who will never again be shackled by conventional design thinking.

Become a True Expert

This is the next phase of your transformation. You've gained a broad understanding of the major design disciplines and how they intersect and overlap. Now it's time to become an expert in the ones you're most passionate about. These are what will drive you as a thinker and a professional. Midway through your year, you choose one primary and one secondary specialization and dedicate yourself to investigating these fields with singular focus and a commitment to applying your advanced knowledge to a heart-stopping portfolio.

These examples showcase some of the projects Digital Design students have created to differentiate themselves from their competition:

Communication Design

'Abstract Museum'

Digital Design student Luis Francisco Baroni Coutinho's ambitious, dynamic brand for a museum reflects the infinite possibilities and fluidity of the abstract art on display.

For more photos from inside the Digital Design program, visit VFS on Flickr.

Packaging Design – Feb '11

See a selection of student-created packaging designs from inside the VFS Digital Design program.

For more photos from inside the Digital Design program, visit VFS on Flickr.

Interactive Design

'Square One'

This team-based, award-winning web documentary project aims to help prospective immigrants through the challenges of beginning their new lives in Canada.

For more photos from inside the Digital Design program, visit VFS on Flickr.

Mobile App

Designed to assist with earthquake preparedness, this team-designed mobile application gives users GPS locating capability and sustains user correspondence during disaster relief efforts.

For more photos from inside the Digital Design program, visit VFS on Flickr.

Motion Design

Title Sequence
'Paper War'

A great title sequence sets a tone, establishes a director's vision, and draws the audience into the story. Kim Oxlund achieved this by combining real objects, like construction paper and fabric, with post effects and his musical orchestration for a moody, dreamy sequence.

Short Story

Bruno Marchand and Luis Barros leveraged the power of motion graphics to create this captivating sci-fi narrative — a cautionary tale exploring humanity's relationship with technology.

So you've built a broad base of knowledge and gained real expertise in your field, but for that to mean anything, you've got to make it real. Discover our approach to freeing you from a world of "what-ifs": Real Projects, Real Clients, Real Design.