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Entertainment Business Management
At Vancouver Film School

Our EBM program produced outstanding graduates and outstanding results. The intensive one-year education enabled students to create award-winning projects, such as Compendium's "Little Mermaid" and “Jabberwock.” The program’s leading-edge business courses meant entry for graduates into the industries of film, television, and game production; marketing and social media; and high-tech business.

Yet for graduates of other VFS programs and those already working in industry, leaving a career to pursue a year-long, full-time education in Entertainment Business Management just isn’t a possibility. And this is a source of frustration for many. The entertainment arts industry is changing rapidly—many need to acquire new business and marketing skills quickly to advance careers, launch projects, and start businesses without sacrifice to career, job, or home. A full-time EBM program does not address these needs.

In response, VFS will be investigating a brand-new, compressed delivery model of EBM, designed to enable those who need a creative business education to get it, without compromise to their existing careers. This will be the first time in recent years that VFS has considered alternatives to the one-year intensive model. This will be a huge undertaking and we are dedicated to taking the time necessary to create a new model that is of the same high caliber of other VFS programming.

Our top priority is, and always will be, our students and making sure that they get the very best educational experience. This means we will be limiting enrolment in the full-time EBM program while we develop this new model.