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The producer drives a film's creative development from the very first meeting to its release into the world. A producer is often the one responsible for the budget, but that's only part of the story. He or she must also champion projects and work to bridge the gap between business and art to make great films that audiences care about.

It's the producer who obtains the rights for a story, hires writers, brings on the director, employs a crew, and oversees business affairs like budgets, music rights, and marketing campaigns. At VFS, each film produced in the program is allocated resources, and it's the producer's responsibility to make the most of them.

About Producing

Jessica Greenwood discusses her role as Producer of The Shade, chosen to screen at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, and for which she received the CTC & Clever Women Award for Outstanding Female Filmmaker.

Specialist Highlights

During your year, you will select two key filmmaking disciplines as your fields of specialization.

As a Producing specialist, you are further immersed into a role that demands a wide breadth of expertise. Your knowledge of the entire process of filmmaking is used to assess whether projects are achievable, and how it can all be done. Your business sense also deepens as you discover the film financing landscape and how to guide a screenplay's development.

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