Glen Hamilton | Game Design Faculty | Vancouver Film School


Glen Hamilton

Industry Mentor

At an early age, Glen was introduced to Pong, which he and his siblings played quite often. Later in life, he was offered the rare opportunity to design and produce NBA Action for Sega at Gray Matter Inc. in Oakville Ontario. Some of the innovations from that game, such as the CPU choosing the best players for the All-Star Game and having dedicated buttons for on-the-fly moves, have become standard for sports games. Almost 10 years later, Glen has managed over 20 titles on a wide range of gaming platforms, from the SNES to the Sega Saturn to the current Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

In 2004, Glen took his passion for making games to Backbone Entertainment in Vancouver where he worked on XBLA/PSN titles such as TMNT Classic, and designed and produced Bomberman Live/Ultra. After four years at Backbone, Glen worked on DeathSpank I and II at Hothead Games, and was awarded the IGN Editors' Choice Award and Top 3 Action-RPGs on PS3 to name a few. Propaganda Games and EA Sports were the last two stops between 2009 and 2010, until he recently made a new home at the Vancouver-based PopCap Games.