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While many people have the impression that the airbrush is a relatively new tool in the field of makeup, airbrushed makeup was first used in the epic movie of 1925, Ben Hur, to assist the makeup artists in applying 600 gallons of body paint to an enormous cast of actors and extras in a limited time. The producers of science fiction and horror films have benefited enormously from the use of the airbrush in creating alien and monster makeup. Today, with the advent of digital cameras and HDTV, more makeup artists turn to the airbrush to take off the hard edge that pixelated images bring to skin texture. This skill was once considered a specialty, and now it has become a standard industry technique.

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Watch a time-lapse video of Ana Steiner completing her final project in the one-year Makeup Design for Film & Television program, a full-body airbrush that turns a model into a living doll.

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