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Foley is the art of recording post-production sound effects in real time to match the picture. VFS has its own Foley studios full of all the usual - and unusual - props. To get the sound of feet walking over snow, the Foley artist will often walk over corn starch. Smashing a watermelon stuffed with crackers makes a great replacement for the sound of a crushed human head. Chair-sits, glass-downs, glass touches, footsteps, clothing, props, and plops, are all mixed to match the image by an expert Foley artist.

At VFS, your Foley project will have you collaborating with students in Film Production, Foundation Visual Art & Design, or one of the Animation & Visual Effects programs to create high-quality Foley sound effects for student projects.

The Art of Foley

In this documentary, Head of Sound Design for Visual Media Shane Rees takes you through the fascinating art of Foley.

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