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Duration: 03:18 | Published: Monday April 11th 2011  (5 stars by 32 voters)

Created by: Elizabeth Trevino

UPA is a nationwide dance competition based in Mexico City that attracts around 3000 dancers each year. UPA stands for "Un Paso Adelante" or Step Up. With her graduate project UPA, Elizabeth Trevino's set out to refreshing the brand's online presence that will carry forward into a refinement of the logo and a establishment of an identity system that will eventually lead to a redesign of UPA's website. This included producing four short films / bumpers portraying UPA's philosophy with the objective of engaging the audience in a collaborative dialogue and with the intention of inspiring aspiring dancers and encouraging them to learn more and participate in the UPA community.

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0:59 the text is really blurry

2danimm on Monday April 11th 2011

nice nice...didn't really read it / get the messege...i was under the influence of the animation and proces

Raikoh .DUB on Monday April 11th 2011


JohnsonRecords on Monday April 11th 2011

nice work and fine project

konikula on Monday April 11th 2011


SaulSquid on Monday April 11th 2011

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