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Bloom 8,145 views

Duration: 01:30 | Published: Wednesday December 2nd 2009  (4.52 stars by 83 voters)

Bloom is an action/strategy full conversion Unreal 2004 mod experienced through the 3rd person perspective. You play as Amelia, who is tasked with re-oxygenating the environment and defending it from the Scavengers.


Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
Processor: 1GHz +
Memory: 128 MB RAM +
Software: Unreal Tournament 2004
Hard Drive Space: 500 MB free
Video: 64 MB memory +
Sound: Windows-compatible sound card
DirectX: DirectX version 8.1 or higher

Download the Bloom game.

Recent Comments


Posted from US VLoids on Wednesday December 2nd 2009

Very Nice, Keep it up boys

Posted from CA MXHunterD on Wednesday December 2nd 2009

Its a really nice game and its made by students

Posted from RO TOTAL00Vali on Thursday December 3rd 2009

It seems pretty good, but if you guys are planning to improve the project, I suggest you to improve the animations(to make it feel more "natural"), physics and the rendering I'm no professional but that's what I can tell by seeing this video, also I must say that the concept of using plants to alter the environment is pretty interesting

Posted from BR mogg1452 on Wednesday December 2nd 2009

awesome work for only 4 months and as students!

Posted from CA sweeterskillz on Wednesday December 2nd 2009

even though some of the effects looks a little fake ( like the dust from the giant's feet ) this is very good...i really want to play it :-)

Emil Brink on Sunday October 24th 2010

no attacks?

tou xiong on Wednesday December 2nd 2009

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