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Few jobs are as demanding or as varied as the director's. A director must be a consummate storyteller and a decisive leader. That takes knowledge that's both broad and deep, strong creative vision, technical know-how, and a lot of drive. Above all, being a director means knowing how to get the most out of collaborators' ideas and talent and how to bring it all onto the screen.

At VFS, you delve into all the departments on a film and learn how to direct artists, actors, and technicians in service of telling a great story. From the first time you say "action" to discovering that magic moment in the editing room, you’ll learn how to entertain and even change the way a person sees the world.

Specialist Highlights

During your year, you will select two key filmmaking disciplines as your fields of specialization.

When you choose to devote part of your focus to becoming a better director, you begin to delve deeper into the mechanics of great storytelling. From dealing with genre expectations to exploring the power of guided improv to advanced script analysis, you learn to balance what the camera sees with what the audience feels.

Check out the Film Production Showcase for more examples of projects created by VFS students.

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Fine art meets technical know-how in cinematography, which combines cameras, lights, and a true artist's eye in developing and achieving a film’s look. more


A producer needs to be a passionate creative force while managing the production every step of the way and keeping a film on track and on budget. more

Production Design

Production design is about creating fascinating, believable, and meaningful worlds – the sets, locations, props, and other details that make for a living, breathing story. more


The process of making a film doesn't end on the set. The editor is a true storyteller who takes an active role in shaping the audience's experience. more