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Aging & Character Makeup

It's a well-known fact in the entertainment industry that more makeup awards have been handed out for work done to actors using age makeup than for any other style of makeup effect. While the creative freedoms afforded to a makeup artist when constructing a fantastical creature or alien can achieve eye-popping results, there are also fewer expectations because there are no real-life comparisons. But that family member who retired long ago, or the elderly, smiling gardener that your audience member sees everyday out in the world provides a deep sense of what is authentic and believable on screen. Therefore, the creation of realistic human aging is absolutely the most difficult process for makeup artists to achieve - and the most satisfying to do well.

Silicone Prosthetics

Head of VFS Makeup Design for Film & Television Stan Edmonds discusses silicone prosthetic makeup and VFS's unmatched silicone curriculum with Oscar winners Howard Berger and Tami Lane at IMATS Vancouver 2010.

Silicone Aging Timelapse

This incredible makeup application was created by VFS Makeup Design for Film & Television graduate Michael Nickiforek at IMATS Vancouver 2010.

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Aging & Character Makeup

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