Vancouver Film School: Production, Animation, Game Design, Acting and more


At VFS, we measure the success of our programs by what our students, alumni, and respected members of the industry have to say about us. Here's a sample of what people are saying about their VFS experience. For more testimonials about a specific program, please visit the program page.

Foundation Visual Art & Design

"Having Foundation under my belt was incredibly helpful. You have more practice expressing yourself visually, knowing how color and form and composition can help you showcase your work."

- Matthew Turner
3D Artist, Halo: Reach, America's Army 3

Digital Design

"VFS helps you be a professional and not only a hobbyist. VFS helped me be more confident with myself. It helped me realize dreams can come true."

- Cesar Montero Orozco
Surfacing Artist, DreamWorks Animation

Digital Design

"VFS showed me that you have to start with the big idea. After you figure that out it becomes much easier to spread that idea across the appropriate platforms."

- Mark Miller
Partner, Dark Igloo

Acting for Film & Television

"When one decides to be an actor, to tell stories, to essentially live terrifying and extraordinary experiences for an audience, how do they begin to train for such an undertaking? VFS honours the fact that acting is a craft. At VFS, a student will learn that their body, mind, and voice is an instrument; how to develop and use it. Training at VFS will be the integral beginning of a lifelong study!"

- Sara Canning
The Vampire Diaries, Black Field

Writing for Film & Television

"I completely credit Vancouver Film School with putting me on my path towards becoming a screenwriter."

- Terri Tatchell
Oscar-Nominated Co-Writer of District 9

3D Animation & Visual Effects

"I worked my butt off for a year [at VFS], but it got me where I wanted to go."

- Neill Blomkamp
Director/Co-Writer, District 9

Film Production

"At VFS you get all the tools, and you really don't need four, five years... You need one year and to learn all you can from wise people, books, and various courses. Then you really need to dive into the film business waters and learn how to swim among the sharks."

- Marianna Rowinska
Line Producer, Prince Caspian, The Reader

Classical Animation

"There were a lot of reasons why I chose VFS: The first being the faculty and the second being the glorious city of Vancouver. It was the first time in my life I ever felt like I was somewhere I belonged."

- Tamara Knoss
User Interface Designer, Glu Mobile

Game Design

"VFS made it easy to connect with various companies in the industry. Although the onus was on us to foster the relationships that would lead to jobs, the staff at VFS provided a 'foot in the door' that gave me an opportunity to prove myself."

- Armando Troisi
Narrative Director, Microsoft

Game Design

"I would say that VFS prepared me very well for the volume and type of work that I do and to produce the kind of gameplay that I can be proud of."

- David Bowring
Game Designer, Saints Row: The Third

3D Animation & Visual Effects

"I have worked a few places, and to be honest, there is a work ethic that the VFS students have that I just don't see in many other artists I've worked with."

- Josh Herrig
Lead Lighting Artist, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Sound Design for Visual Media

"It's a school that really helps open a lot of doors, the teachers are amazing, and it is literally boot camp for your creative soul and tech skills."

- Caitlin Kaposhilin
Content Specialist, Pump Audio (Getty Images)

Writing for Film & Television

"I loved workshopping with writers at VFS - I loved working on other people's scripts as well as my own. There's something about being in a room with 12-13 brains all working on a creative solution that's pretty exhilarating. I really miss doing that."

- Adam Zang
Writer, Cole

Acting for Film & Television

"That year and a half [in Acting for Film & Television and Acting Essentials] was probably the scariest time in my life... it was also the absolute best."

- Emilie Ullerup
Supernatural, Arctic Air, Gretl

Digital Character Animation

"I found that in the industry your workload can ebb and flow slightly but long hours are more the rule than the exception. You need to be able to deal with sustained periods of long hours and hard work, so VFS really prepared me."

- Chad Moffitt
Academy Award Winning Animator, The Lord of the Rings

Digital Character Animation

"The people I met at VFS were inspirational to me. Some of the teachers and students are my friends for life."

- Adam Yaniv
Animation Supervisor, Hop

Film Production

"It's where I met [Producer] Scott Mosier and [Cinematographer] Dave Klein. Without it, Clerks never would've happened."

- Kevin Smith
Director, Clerks, Chasing Amy

Makeup Design for Film & Television

"[My year at VFS] taught me many things that have been able to pull our department out of some serious jams... I enjoyed every last bit of VFS."

- Brent Krekoski
Makeup Assistant, Surveillance

Sound Design for Visual Media

"Honestly, I wouldn't be talking about this opportunity [at Skywalker Sound] if it weren't for the Sound Design program at VFS... I think what really helped me get to this point was the people - the Sound Design faculty is gold."

- Jessica Lemes da Silva
Sound Effects Recordist, Skywalker Sound (Beowulf, Horton Hears a Who!)

Foundation Visual Art & Design

"Foundation was boot camp. Try to imagine doing back flips with one arm, only three fingers, and a constant yearning to sleep, while taking notes in a lecture. It was a lot to take in, but it was worth it."

- Chris Abbas
Compositor, Painkiller Jane

Sound Design for Visual Media

"The Sound Design program at VFS allowed me to completely reinvent myself. I went from a boring, mindless job to a challenging and creative career. I was able to apply practical knowledge from the Sound Design program into a variety of film, TV, and game projects. I now have the choice to jump between fields as opportunities present themselves. The depth of the program is only limited to what you can get away with in terms of sleep deprivation. Through hard work and determination the possibilities are endless, and that's why so many of us alumni have such cool jobs."

- Dorian Pareis
Sound Designer, Ubisoft