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The Digital Design Conference is our initiative to bring the design, creative technology, and visual communication communities together.

Over three days online, the DDC will gather a wide range of creative designers to share ideas and explore new initiatives and breakthroughs in interactive design, motion graphics, branding, visual effects, UX/UI design, emerging technologies, and more.


December 1-3, 2020





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VFS’s community network comprises more than 25,000 alumni, with industry partners and a social media presence reaching hundreds of thousands across the globe.

VFS Digital Design alumni work for the best companies in the industry and have earned accolades from Adobe, Applied Arts Magazine, SXSW Hackathon, MIT Media Lab, and the Salazar Awards.


DECEMBER 1, 2020



UX & Product Designer

Iris Rodriguez is passionate about solving complex problems, user-centered design, and emerging technologies. She has more than five years of professional experience working in diverse industries including education, entertainment, health, hospitality, and consulting, with environments ranging from up-and-raising start-ups to medium-sized companies. She also co-founded Interlude, a social impact tech startup.

Live at 4 p.m.

Designing Immersive Environments with Purpose

Designing immersive experiences has become an interesting topic over the last few years. But in order to solve real people's problems, we have to ask some important questions before even thinking about any type of immersive technology, gadget, or visual interface.




Senior Designer II

An innovator for 20 years, Charla Pereira was one of the first to bring 3D games and interfaces to the Internet. When she joined Microsoft, she successfully shipped Office 365 and looked beyond the 2D screen. She designed robotic interfaces for Bill Gates, worked on reinventing 3D painting, and now focuses on experiences in mixed and virtual reality.

Live at 5:15 p.m.

Journey Into 3D

Join Charla as she shares her journey to HoloLens and how thinking in 3D is an important piece of understanding to achieve success with emerging technologies.




PhD Candidate

Jamal Knight is a PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) researching the uses of machine learning in visual effects, particularly motion capture. He is an experienced visual effects compositor who has worked on titles such as Life of Pi, Furious 7, and Suicide Squad.

Live at 6:30 p.m.

Artificial Intelligence in Visual Effects

Jamal will discuss the relevance of artificial intelligence in visual effects. What AI is, how far we’ve come, and what the future holds.


DECEMBER 2, 2020



Founder & Design Director

Bryan is a digital creative from Calgary. A graduate from the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School, Bryan is a multi-faceted designer who has worked in various design agencies working in the animation, film, and gaming industries for companies like Wildbrain (formerly DHX Media), Scarab Digital, Electronic Arts, and Highwood Automation. He also works as a motion designer for one of the biggest advertising agencies in North America, Critical Mass.

Live at 4 p.m.

We Need More Design Unicorns!

With the surge in new content and the growing flow of information, designers need to be versatile and continuously keep up with emerging technologies to stay relevant. In this talk, Bryan will discuss how designers must become “Swiss Army knife” professionals ready to adapt to constant change and new challenges.




Owner & Creative Director

Originally from Bolivia, Jorge Canedo won a scholarship to attend VFS, after which he became an animator at Buck in Los Angeles. He joined Giant Ant and eventually became Associate Creative Director. He started Ordinary Folk, where he acts as Creative Director. He also created the curated Wine After Coffee channel and Blend Fest, a festival for the motion design community.

Live at 5:15 p.m.

How Starting a Studio Made Everything Go to Sheets and How That's Actually Kinda Cool

In this talk, Jorge will take us through his experience, from being an intern to starting his own studio, and all the many mistakes he made along the way.


DECEMBER 3, 2020




Agency In The Wild is an entirely remote brand design studio. Simon and Stuart believe in talent, not overheads, and results, not fancy HQs. They combine brand strategy, product design, and growth into single, unified process we call Brand Sprint that helps fearless brands launch ideas into the wild, at speed. Stuart has worked for companies such as BBH, IBM, and Virgin Unite on projects across the globe, and he sold his last agency to IBM iX in 2016. Simon has helped companies like Microsoft, EA, Lego, and Disney put their customers first, create brands people want, and achieve planned ROI.

Live at 4 p.m.

Brand Thinking: A Unified, Integrated Approach to Brand Systems

Rapid prototyping has transformed the world of digital product design and lean business modelling. We work in integrated product teams, growth hack continuously, driven by ever changing user data and needs. In this world of fearless evolution, traditional branding has been slow to adapt and often overlooked in the rush to get things shipped. Our mission is to change that. We believe that good branding is fundamental to long-term success. We need to cultivate a more integrated mindset that combines strategy, design, and growth into a single, unified process.





Product Design Manager

Paola Mariselli is a multi-disciplinary designer with 10 years of experience currently working as Product Design Manager on Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team. While at Facebook, Paola has launched Facebook Live, Songs on Profile, and standalone apps. She has also worked on Instant Articles, Albums, and Videos. Prior to Facebook, Paola worked on digital products at Groupon, Credit Suisse, and Atidan.

Paola earned a master’s degree in Computer Science from Harvard University, a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Marketing from New York University, and certificates in Business Analysis and Project Management from George Washington University.


Live at 5:15 p.m.

Conversations on New Product Development

Join Paola as she discusses her experience building early-stage, zero-to-one digital products for Wall Street and Silicon Valley.