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The Digital Design Conference is our initiative to bring the design, creative technology, and visual communication communities of Vancouver together.

Over four days, the DDC will gather a wide range of Vancouver-based creative designers to share ideas and explore new initiatives and breakthroughs in interactive design, motion graphics, visual communication, UX/UI design, gaming, emerging technology, VR/AR, projection mapping, and more. Explore the schedule below.




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VFS’s community network comprises more than 25,000 alumni, with industry partners and a social media presence reaching hundreds of thousands across the globe.

VFS Digital Design alumni work for the best companies in the industry and have earned accolades from Adobe, Applied Arts Magazine, SXSW Hackathon, MIT Media Lab, and the Salazar Awards.


Monday, March 23


Product Designer (UX)

Henry is a Product Designer at Microsoft Vancouver’s Bigpark Studio. From Office 365 to 3D Viewer, HoloLens, and Xbox One, Henry believes design shapes our future. The changing nature of human behaviour and technology has driven him to create innovative, useful, and memorable experiences.

6 p.m., Theatre 105

Innovation & Customer Obsession: Why High-Performing Teams Need Both

Traditionally, people think of user research as boring, while new feature concept is fun and innovative. Not true. Solving real-world customer problems also requires creativity. Join Henry as he shows you how he broke through this stigma with his team on 3D Viewer, a utility tool that helps non-3D professionals with their work.




Creative & Art Director

Born with a pencil in one hand and a computer mouse in the other, Ryan’s experience spans branding, advertising, and digital media, working with top agencies across Canada. When he’s not getting his hands dirty, he can be found mentoring students at VFS, Emily Carr University, and OCAD.

7 p.m., Theatre 105

Adobe Flash: Light at the End of the Funnel

Adobe Flash will stop being supported and removed from all devices by Dec. 31, 2020, marking the end of a creative platform that has allowed communities to innovate and imagine online experiences differently from HTML. Ryan will give a brief retrospective and reflect on how the creative processes behind Flash experiences can be used with future platforms.


Tuesday, March 24


FUI Designer & Motion Graphics Specialist

Angie is a Motion Graphics Specialist currently working as a FUI (Future/Fantasy User Interface) Designer. Since 2007, Angie has been involved on a wide range of projects, from corporate products to feature films. Her most recent works are featured in Batwoman, Supergirl, and The Flash, as well as screen graphics for Sonic the Hedgehog.

6 p.m., Theatre 105

Interactive Motion Design for FUI and Playback

Playback helps tell a story through live interaction between screen graphics and actor performance. Angie will explain the significance of playback in futuristic media, walk you through a project from beginning to end, and discuss how designing for playback differs from regular motion graphics design.




Owner & Creative Director

Originally from Bolivia, Jorge won a scholarship to attend VFS, after which he became an Animator at Buck in Los Angeles. He joined Giant Ant, eventually becoming Associate Creative Director. He started Ordinary Folk, where he acts as Creative Director. He also created the curated Wine After Coffee channel and Blend Fest, a festival for the motion design community.

7 p.m., Theatre 105

How I Realized I Didn’t Want to Become President & Other Ordinary Problems I Faced Becoming a Motion Designer

In this talk, Jorge details the personal journey and various challenges he faced in working to become a motion designer.


Wednesday, March 25



Shane Nilsson is an award-winning developer specializing in spatial computing. He co-founded Coal Car Studio in 2015 with the vision of making VR more social. Shane has worked with HTC, Rogers, UBC, and BCIT on crafting immersive experiences. His projects range from arcade-scale multiplayer experiences to safety training pilot.

6 p.m., Theatre 105

Asymmetrical Interactions with VR/AR

Shane will focus on how asymmetry can improve the user experience in immersive media, from gaming to enterprise. A discussion of design considerations for implementing asymmetrical interaction to Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.




HoloLens Senior Designer

An innovator for 20 years, Charla was one of the first to bring 3D games and interfaces to the Internet. When she joined Microsoft, she successfully shipped Office 365 and looked beyond the 2D screen. She designed robotic interfaces for Bill Gates, worked on reinventing 3D painting, and now focuses on experiences in mixed and virtual reality.

7 p.m., Theatre 105

Journey Into 3D

Join Charla as she shares her journey to HoloLens and how thinking in 3D is an important piece of understanding for success with emerging technologies.




VR/AR Developer & Instructor

Erik’s design experience includes video games, practical VR applications, and websites. He has developed code for a wide variety of topics including physics, graphics and network programming. He is currently working on Davigo, a PC VR game pitting a powerful giant against a tiny, agile warrior tasked with defeating the giant in battle.

8 p.m., Theatre 105

Working with Intuition: Interaction Design in Virtual Reality

Stereoscopic HMDs and motion controllers offer unparalleled potential for immersive experiences, where users effortlessly interact via motions and senses they've used their entire life... sometimes. Erik will explore his experience designing VR interactions for a diverse array of audiences, from tech enthusiasts to senior citizens.


Thursday, March 26

VFS Storyteller’s Studio Presents:
Nicolas Lopardo

The VFS Storyteller's Studio Live is your chance to get invaluable insight from creative arts and entertainment industry career professionals — live and in-person.

Come be part of the audience. Get a chance to connect with each special guest as they dare you to “Ask Me Anything.” Find out what it takes to build a creative career.

Nicolas Lopardo is an artist, designer, and visualizer exploring the fields of user interface design and future aesthetics.

His visual design work can be seen in a number of big budget entertainment titles including forthcoming film Top Gun: Maverick, as well as video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, blockbuster movie Avengers: Endgame, and television series The OA.

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6 p.m., Studio 6