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Step Inside VFS’s Animation Program and Experience Your Future in a $400B Industry.


VFS All Access Pass | Animation Concept Art is your exclusive backstage access to VFS’s award-winning animation program and a chance to experience your future animating for the entertainment and video game industries! You’ll meet & chat with faculty, experience demos in AI, sketching, & digital painting, enter exclusive door prizes, and more.


Event Details:

Date: Saturday, May the 4th (be with you)
Time: 10 a.m – 1 p.m. PDT
Location: 151 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3

*Light food & drink will be provided.


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Meet the Head of VFS’s School of Animation

Meet Colin Giles – Animator, Director, and Head of VFS’s School of Animation. With credits including Sausage Party, Eight Crazy Nights, numerous Disney Interactive titles, and commercial content for Cartoon Network, Ford, the NBA and Starbucks, Colin has hosted workshops and keynotes around the globe from Los Angeles to Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Seoul. Discover how Colin has created award-winning curriculum for VFS’s School of Animation through production-based & collaborative training models, and how a VFS education launches your career in the $400 billion global animation industry.

Miranda Murillio Ruelas and Lily Tulett | Building a Career in Concept Art

Colin Giles will host an Industry Talk with Storyboard Artist Miranda Murillio Ruelas and CG Designer Lily Tulett –  both alumni from VFS’s Animation Concept Art program. Miranda and Lily will discuss their VFS student experience, the pathways animation alumni can explore after graduation, and how they’ve built successful industry careers as Concept Artists in the animation industry. Q&A to follow.

Experience an AI Demo

Take part in an exciting demo in Artificial Intelligence. Hosted by Casey Kwan, VFS’s Creative Director for the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program, and Animator Ted Wilson (Co-Creator, Gundarr), you’ll take a close look at these AI tools, see exactly why their rapid development has the world talking, and how Concept Artists can harness this power for their own creative process.

Experience a Sketching Demo

Observational sketching is a timeless art practice that is still a part of every Concept Artist’s core skillset. Hosted by VFS Animation Instructor Andrew McDermott, this hands-on and interactive drawing demo will allow you to learn simple tips & strategies to improve your drawing skills.

Experience a Digital Drawing Demo

Digital Painting is the foundation for creating exciting and compelling concept art images. Hosted by VFS Animation Instructor Daniella Selmi, this demo will allow you to experience how Visual Development Artists use simple digital tools to build visually stimulating work.

Your Personal Portfolio Review

You’ll have the opportunity to review your animation portfolio with our faculty and Admissions team. Don’t be shy! The VFS Animation department is looking forward to reviewing your work – anything from napkin doodles to sketches, models, videos and beyond – that illustrates your passion for the craft of animation. This is your chance to see if you meet the prerequisites for our Animation Concept Art program.

Experience All That the Animation Program Offers

VFS's Animation Concept Art program trains multi-disciplined artists to animate for film, television, and games – all in just 12 months. You'll learn about the program's curriculum (everything from digital painting to storyboarding, character design, life drawing, digital sculpting, & beyond) and how you'll create a powerful portfolio – your industry calling card.

VFS's School of Animation has created artists that have worked on Across the Spider-Verse, Resident Evil 4, The Last of Us, and more. Find out how our students develop their skillsets and networks through our program to land these high-profile industry gigs. PLUS, your attendance automatically enters you into multiple door prize draws! You could win a tablet or a free seat in VFS's 'Intro to Animation, Film & Design' or ‘3D Animation & Visual Effects' 5-day Summer Intensives workshops.

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