VFS Faculty consists of the most highly trained professionals in the creative industries. While our full-time instructors provide more one-on-one time with students than any other school, our part-time instructors are pulled right from the heart of the industry, equipped with the most current, relevant industry experience and credits.




Head of Game Design and Programming for Games, Web & Mobile

Chris is an Educator and award-winning Writer and Game Designer with more than 10 years' industry experience on games such as Simpsons: Hit & Run. He is one of the first people in the game industry to receive a nomination from the Writers Guild of America.


Scott Henshaw


Scott has 30 years experience in the software industry. After 12 years as a Producer and Director on a number of new, award-winning, billion-dollar franchises for Electronic Arts, he branched off to run his own development company, producing HTML5 games.


Amir Jahanlou


Amir is Researcher of tools for authoring games, animation, and motion graphics. He holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction, a Master’s in Creative Media Practice, and a Master’s in Education. His 20-year career includes working with companies like Autodesk.


Rohit Maukherjee


Rohit is a Senior UI Engineer with experience in Software Development at studios such as Sprung Studios with a focus on UX/UI Design, and also specializes in Unreal Engine. He is a Programming Instructor at VFS where he was also a student.


Hugo Moraleida


Hugo is a Programmer and Game Designer who works with Unity, Lua, and C++. His 10 years of experience spans multiple studios such as Klei Entertainment, where he designs and implements gameplay systems and features for key franchises within the studio.


Leanne Roed


Leanne is a veteran Game Designer with ten years of industry experience in 2D art, art production, UI/UX, and game design. Her credits span AAA titles such as Minecraft Legends to indie projects.


Pedro Camacho D’Andrea


Pedro is an experienced Game and Level Designer for AAA games with The Coalition, as the Founder of Isoforce (an indie studio with 30 employees), and as a Game Director for Jungle.


Rasmus Tindborg


Rasmus excels as a Technical Game Designer with Klei Entertainment. As a graduate of VFS, Rasmus is a passionate Mentor for students’ final projects and now teaches the Unity game engine.


Raveena Shukla


Raveena is a master of Human Resource systems and technology, streamlining processes, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing overall efficiency. She specializes in working with tech companies such as Telus and PopReach.


Yassine Missoum


Yassine is an experienced Software Engineer working at game studios such as Electronic Arts and Hellbent Games. A VFS alum with a background in computer science, he helps Programming students refine their portfolios.


Arisa Ohashi


Arisa is an engineering professional skilled in C#, C++, Visual Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Agile Methodologies. Her credits include titles such as Archer: Danger Phone, Roll For Adventure, LaraCroft: Go, and Madmax.


Ashe Adam


Ashe is a 3D Artist who is passionate about art and games and has worked as a QA Analyst at The Coalition, a Junior Surfacing Artist at Mainframe, and now currently as a Surfacing Artist at Bardel Entertainment.


Daryn Mulholland


Daryn is a Software Developer with experience in Unity, particularly front-end work. He currently works as a Software Engineer with East Side Games.


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