Remembering Relic's Brian Wood with Memorial Internship

By VFS Web Team, on January 25, 2011

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Relic's Jonathan Dowdeswell announces the Brian Wood Memorial Internship at Game Design Expo 2011

Game Design Expo's Industry Speaker Day went out on a powerful, emotional note this past weekend with the announcement of the Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship.
Wood, a longtime Relic Entertainment employee and Lead Game Designer on the Company of Heroes franchise was killed in a tragic traffic accident in September 2010, leaving behind his wife, Erin, and his then-unborn child, who both survived.
Relic General Manager Jonathan Dowdeswell made the announcement of the internship to an audience of nearly 200 game industry professionals and enthusiasts.
To honour and continue Brian's contribution to the international game community, as well as in memory of his passions in life, each year Relic will award a four-month internship to three graduating students in VFS Game Design who exhibit a similar passion and excellence in game design.
"Relic Entertainment has worked with VFS for a number of years and in the past has had employees who taught classes as part of the Game Design curriculum," says Dowdeswell. "Continuing this partnership in a meaningful and long lasting effort by introducing the Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship was a natural fit for all concerned."
The inaugural internship will be awarded in February 2011, and the chosen Game Design graduate will have the opportunity to work directly with a team at Relic, pioneering exciting projects that impact the development of titles at the Vancouver-based studio.
"We are honoured and humbled to be a part of carrying on Brian's legacy with this memorial," says Dave Warfield, Head of VFS Game Design. "Not only does it represent the values of game design and supporting new designers that were such a big part of his passion, but it allows us to share that with the community that was so affected by his tragic death."