Meet the Burka Avenger, Pakistan's First Female Superhero

By VFS Web Team, on August 13, 2013

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Uzair Zaheer Khan graduated from the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program in 2003. He has since returned to his native Pakistan where he is currently heading production onĀ Burka Avenger, Pakistan's first animated television series.
The series has created serious international buzz and a little bit of controversy. The action-comedy is Pakistan's first-ever to feature a female superhero and tells the story of Jiya, a teacher by day and martial arts master by night, who uses pens and books as weapons to fight corrupt politicians and Taliban fundamentalists.
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The show premiered on July 28 and has been getting great reviews in Pakistan. While the show promotes education and women's rights, some have taken issue with the fact that Jiya wears a burka, a garment seen by some as oppressive to women.
Haroon, a Pakistani pop start who created Burka Avenger, told The Washington Post that she show is about women's empowerment. "All superheroes have disguises. The burka simply is hers," Haroon says.
View the trailer:

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