VFS honours the memory of Film Production alum Paul Lukaitis

By VFS, on March 13, 2024

As many of our readers may have heard, Vancouver Film School Film Production alum Paul Lukaitis passed away last October from cancer. While many of us at VFS didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Paul, his impact was certainly felt in the film community.

Paul was a Production Manager on a number of projects including Charmed, Timeless, Wayward Pines, and the heartwarming dramedy 50/50, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. Most notably, however, was his work on an incredible six seasons of the medical drama series The Good Doctor, filmed right here in Vancouver. He cemented himself in the local film community and was beloved by all who knew him.

Paul Lukaitis’ career left a remarkable impact on the industry, from The Good Doctor, to Timeless and 50/50.

The Good Doctor gave Paul a heartfelt tribute on its season 7 premiere in February and named a new character after him – Charlene (Charlie) Lukaitis. A constant source of wisdom, creativity, and laughter, Paul impacted the lives of everyone he met.

"Paul was a big part of my life and career for so many years. We met at the start of my career and our paths crossed at all stages as I worked my way up to being a 1st AD.  I learned a lot from Paul. I learned what’s needed to succeed at this job and in life. I learned that loyalty, honesty, and conviction are qualities that still matter in this world. Paul, you are greatly missed by co-workers, friends, and family alike." Tim Whyte, 1st AD, The Good Doctor

"Paul Lukaitis was a colleague of mine, but over our 10 years working together it quickly grew into a friendship. We were like-minded in our values and approach to each production. We both felt that a strong worth ethic, kindness, and common sense were the pillars of building a successful crew and shoot. I miss the days where Paul (a former logger) and I would solve a big production problem and he would look at me with a smile and say: "Now we're logging".  He is deeply missed by me and hundreds of film workers throughout the BC Film industry." – Gary Hawes, 1st AD, The Good Doctor

These heartfelt sentiments about Paul are commonly felt by the many people whose lives he impacted. We’re sorry to say goodbye to Paul, who was an unstoppable creative talent and pillar in the community, but we know that his benevolence will not be forgotten.


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