ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Ana Carrizales creates custom-built web series for social platforms

By VFS, on April 3, 2024

This week on the blog, we're excited to share a unique project from VFS Film Production Instructor and alum Ana Carrizales. She wrote, directed, and starred in a web series called Prayers For Dawn, specifically made for Instagram and TikTok. A number of other VFS alum joined her on this project, including Producers (and VFS faculty) Arun Fryer and Cesar Erba, Director of Photography Rob Zastre, Makeup Artist Maddie Skrypnek, Co-Producer Edu Martins, and Colourist Gregory Czaplack.

This spooky series focuses on Dawn (Carrizales), the submissive daughter of a corrupt cult leader, as she awakens to the horrors hidden within the oppressive commune. Upon receiving a prophecy from the Virgin Mary, and with the support of her fellow women, she seizes control of the cult's leadership from her violent father and leads an all-female army to wage a bloody war against evil forces. Other members of the cast include Vivian Davidson, Gabriela Reynoso, and Tim Perez.

View the teaser trailer if you're interested in never sleeping again!

This type of project shows that you don't need a massive budget to create successful art, as Ana said, “an indie project at heart, Prayers For Dawn was shot with natural light, zero budget, and a skeleton crew. We believe it serves as a prime example for students of what can be achieved through creativity and a willingness to explore alternative mediums for exposure.”

With the evolution of technology comes the opportunity to create content for multiple online platforms, increasing the accessibility for content creators. “When we started this project, television series were either new or virtually nonexistent on these platforms. We're excited to be among the first creators to explore this emerging trend. What sets our series apart is that it was custom-built for these platforms, offering our audience a seamless cinematic experience.”

Ana Carrizales wrote, directed, and starred in the web series Prayers For Dawn.

This isn't the first time Ana has taken the lead in creating her own work. Besides being an incredible powerhouse for this production, Ana has written and directed short films Media Luna and A Pregnant Woman among others and has appeared as an actor on multiple hit series including The Good Doctor and Riverdale. Ultimately, Prayers For Dawn is an exceptional example not only of what can be accomplished on a low budget but also the potential for entertainment to succeed on social media platforms.

You can watch 8 episodes of this chilling series now on their website, Instagram, or TikTok. Give the team a follow to stay updated on the series, plus receive access to behind-the-scenes content!


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