INDUSTRY TALKS: Emmy-nominated Costume Designer Glenne Campbell emphasizes the overlooked role of costuming in entertainment.

By VFS, on May 8, 2024

From the Scottish Highlands in Outlander to the Battlestar Galactica universe and everything in between, we’re ecstatic to announce our next Industry Talk guest is the highly experienced and knowledgeable Vancouver-based Costume Designer Glenne Campbell! On May 16, Glenne will be joining us online to share her three decades of experience championing costume design for film & television.

Rather than being a talk for aspiring costume designers, this will be a discussion about how costuming is often overlooked in the entertainment industry. It’s common for productions to leave costume discussions to the last minute, not giving designers adequate or equal consideration as other departments. A character’s wardrobe is a key element in defining who that character is, and immediately gives the audience a visual clue to each character’s status and capabilities. This is your opportunity to join Glenne as she has an open dialogue about the realities of being a costume designer in the industry and why costuming is “so much more than getting dressed in the morning.”

Costume Designer Glenne Campbell earned an Emmy nomination for her work on Battlestar Galactica.

Glenne has had a passion for making costumes her whole life, as she remembers sitting at her grandmother’s sewing machine since she was three years old. She followed this burgeoning passion and now has an incredible career where she’s designed for memorable TV series like the original 21 Jump Street starring Johnny Depp, the 90s western Bordertown, our favourite Scottish romance Outlander, and of course Battlestar Galactica, where Glenne earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Costumes in a Series.

Register here to join the Industry Talk on May 16 and learn more about Glenne and her perspective on working in the industry as a long-time costume designer. You’ll have the opportunity to gain insight (and ask questions!) into the many reasons why costuming is one of the entertainment industry’s pivotal departments.

Note: The recording of the Industry Talk with Glenne is now LIVE. Watch here.


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