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After completing an online certificate course or entry-level workshop, am I able to transfer credit to a full-time program at VFS or other related institution?

While our online certificate courses and short-track workshops are a great way to prepare for a full-time program at VFS, we do not offer transfer credits internally or to any other institutions.


When is the deadline to register/payment?

Courses typically fill up 2-3 weeks before the start date. Unless otherwise noted on our website, courses will be open for registration until they fill up. We’d recommend registering as soon as possible since our courses are very popular and fill up fast!


Can the courses be taken from outside Canada?

Yes, we have participants from all over the world join. As long as participants outside of Vancouver are able to make the time difference work, they are welcome to enroll.


I’m an international student. Do I need a study permit to register for the short courses?

You do not need a Study Permit to attend VFS short courses.


Do the short courses have any qualification or language requirements?

All participants are required to speak and write English at an acceptable level. In order to succeed in any VFS program, you will need to understand technical terms and be conversant enough in English to participate in group discussions. We recommend an IELTS Band 5.5 – Academic level or equivalent. Any additional requirements to register will be listed on the website.


What are the recommended time commitments for the online certificate courses?

Our online certificate courses are designed to allow you to complete them alongside working full-time. You can expect to have 2-3 hours of live classes per week, with an additional 2 hours of self-paced assignments or homework per week.


Can I take several online certificate courses at the same time?

Yes, courses are designed so that you are able to attend multiple at the same time (as long as you understand the weekly time commitment and can make it work with your own schedule).


Are online workshops/certificate courses delivered in an online live, in-person format or are they pre-recorded?

Our online certificate courses and workshops are delivered synchronously with scheduled online live classes. You are required to attend lessons at the designated date(s)/time(s).


If I miss a class am I able to catch up?

We strongly advise that you only commit to one of our courses/workshops if you are able to attend all classes. However, if you happen to miss a class due to an emergency, please contact us or your instructor(s) at industryworkshops@vfs.com and we may be able to provide the recording of the lesson or instruct you on how to catch up with the class.


What is the pass criteria for the online certificate courses? / what do I need to do to earn a certificate of completion?

In order to be eligible to receive a VFS Certificate of Completion, you must not miss more than 2 lessons, and you must submit your work on all of the required assignment forums (i.e. you must submit all homework assignments for the course).


I missed out on registering for an upcoming course/workshop. Will there be another opportunity to take the course/workshop in the future?

Many of our courses and workshops run multiple times throughout the year. To be notified when new dates open for registrations, please sign up to VFS Premiere or the course/workshop waitlist. Waitlists can be found on the course’s website. Or sign up to VFS Premiere to receive exclusive news, updates and special offers from VFS.


Where can I find more information on a particular course/workshop?

If you’d like some information beyond what is listed on our website for a particular course/workshop, please reach out to us directly: industryworkshops@vfs.com


Is the price listed on the website for the entire course series or per course?

The price listed is per course. You must register for each course separately.


How do I register and pay for a VFS short course?

You can register through the course website directly. We accept VISA and Mastercard credit cards. Alternative payment methods may be available; please contact industryworkshops@vfs.com for more information.


What is VFS CONNECT’s Refund/Cancellation Policy?

  • There is a non-refundable administrative fee of 20% of the total program cost.
  • If cancellation notice is received at least seven days prior to the start of the workshop, VFS will refund the total cost, minus the administrative fee.
  • If cancellation notice is received less than seven days prior to the start of the workshop, no refunds will be given.


Do CONNECT Workshops & Certificate Courses require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) as they are under $1,000?

CONNECT Workshops & Certificate Courses do not require approval by PTIB. As such, PTIB do not review our workshops or courses.



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