Long Running Electric Playground Network To Begin Filming New Season of EP Live on Campus at Vancouver Film School

Announcement Highlights:

  • The Electric Playground format is transitioning to a live venue for the first time
  • Partnership between EPN & VFS will lead to new creative collaborations
  • EP Live will host guests from Videogames, Film, TV, Animation, and Visual Effects
  • Will feature crowd interaction with early access to games, in-house tournaments and challenges

(Vancouver, BC) Jan 22, 2019 – Vancouver-based television and Internet media brand The Electric Playground has partnered with Vancouver Film School to provide viewers a brand-new way to interact with the content found in the long running series. Currently in its 25th year and 29th season, The Electric Playground will now be filmed on location in the Vancouver Film School campus. Viewers will enjoy the show live when it premieres with a regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule on February 1, 2019.

EP Live will continue to feature news and commentary about entertainment, videogames and technology, and will also continue to visit with content creators and studios from all over the world, as it has done since its launch in 1995, with the new home becoming a must-visit space for game makers, movie and TV creators, actors, writers, artists, technologists and more.

“I’ve been making EP for a long time and have had many amazing adventures but I’ve never had the opportunity to make a regular show with members of our community in attendance, as well as students, and I think because these people will be there and be a part of the show, this is going to lead to some really thrilling new conversations with a whole new group of sensational guests.” — Victor Lucas, show creator/host and executive producer, EP Live

“For more than 20 years, The Electric Playground has been a staple of TV that helped to elevate an entire industry by bringing together the worlds of video games, TV and film entertainment week after week. In all that time, Victor Lucas has become an iconic and influential journalist to millions of viewers and fans across North America and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome EPN to Vancouver Film School where they’ll begin shooting their next season of shows.” — Christopher Bennett, Executive Producer, Vancouver Film School

EP Live begins Friday February 1, 2019 at 3pm PST and continues on a regular M/W/F schedule throughout the series’ brand new 29th season.

Watch EP Live at YouTube.com/EPNtv!

About The Electric Playground

Founded and launched in 1995 by Victor Lucas, EP began as a website (EPN.tv) covering the game industry and in 1997 launched as a weekly television program about videogames. By 2010, The Electric Playground was a daily entertainment series seen in millions of homes across North America and had successfully spun off Reviews on the Run as its own daily TV show. In 2016 EP transitioned to an all-digital format under the EPN (Electric Playground Network) brand (youtube.com/EPNtv) and in 2018, EP Live became the flagship series. For 2019 and the 29th season of The Electric Playground, EP Live will be based and produced in The Electric Playground @ VFS Cafe space in downtown Vancouver as part of a partnership with The Vancouver Film School.

About Vancouver Film School

In 1987, VFS revolutionized entertainment arts education with the introduction of the world’s first one-year intensive film production diploma program. Today, VFS is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution, offering acclaimed and award-winning one-year diploma programs in 3D animation, film, TV, programming, video game, motion and interactive design. For the past 30 years, VFS has been devoted to delivering the highest quality education and developing the next generation of leaders in the entertainment and creative media industries.


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Christopher Ian Bennett,
Executive Producer & Head of Marketing
Vancouver Film School

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