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In what language should the transcripts be?

In applicant's native language.


In what language should the letters of recommendation be?



What costs does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship only covers the tuition costs for the program.


If I am already in the process of applying with VFS, can I apply for this scholarship?

As long as you meet the scholarship requirements, you are eligible to apply.


What happens if I win the scholarship, but cannot attend on the stipulated start date?

Unfortunately, you will have to forfeit the scholarship. The scholarship must be redeemed on the appropriate start date, as stipulated by VFS.


If I win the 50% scholarship, is there any other way to get an additional discount?

There is no possibility of further tuition discounts.


What is the minimum academic requirement?

At the minimum, applicants must have graduated from high school.


Are their English-language requirements?

Yes, and you must meet the required score depending on the certificate.


I took my English test but the results will be sent after the deadline. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply if test results do not accompany your application. Additionally, Duolingo certificates must be sent 5 to 7 business days before the contest closes.


When are the winners announced?

On August 7, 2021.


When is the deadline to submit my application?

On June 30, 2021 at 11 p.m. CDT.


How long should the video be?

Maximum six minutes in length


Can I send the rest of the documents after the deadline?

No, all the documents must be sent while applying. We will not accept any documents sent after the deadline.


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