Vancouver Film School and Vancouver Community College announce joint VR/AR diploma program

Renowned Vancouver institutions partner for accelerated two-year diploma in VR/AR Design & Development to address labor shortages in the industry

Announcement Highlights:

  • Students will have the opportunity to complete a comprehensive work practicum in B.C.’s growing VR/AR ecosystem.
  • Program will also give trained international professionals the eligibility to apply for post-graduation work permits.

(VANCOUVER, B.C.) June 29, 2020 – Vancouver Film School (VFS) and Vancouver Community College (VCC) are proud to announce they have partnered to create a cross-institutional joint diploma program in VR/AR Design & Development.

Training future specialists in the burgeoning field of virtual and augmented reality, this two-year diploma program will harness the best assets and industry training knowledge of both institutions to elevate the quality of student projects and launch future careers. The program focuses on VR/AR solutions for a cross-section of industry and enterprise, allowing students to work on client-based projects while also developing their own capstone VR/AR projects and graduating portfolios.

The joint program features a four-month term of study at VCC, followed by eight months at VFS, and culminates in a vital industry/work practicum in the final four months. Graduating students will receive a VFS advanced production diploma and a two-year diploma from VCC. International students will also become eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit equal to the duration of the VCC component.

“VFS and VCC have been physical neighbours in Vancouver for many years, and separately have been important contributors to post-secondary education and to industry,” says VFS president James Griffin. “It is particularly satisfying and exciting to pool our resources and offer students a unique, sophisticated VR/AR program focused squarely on the future.”

“VCC is very excited to partner with VFS on a new VR/AR dual diploma program,” says David Wells, Vice President Academic and Applied Research at Vancouver Community College. “The unique collaboration between our schools will provides a dynamic learning experience for our students. They will learn from industry leaders and be well-positioned for their future careers as virtual and augmented reality experts.”

“B.C.’s VR/AR ecosystem is leading the industry on a global scale,” says Dan Burgar, co-president of the Vancouver VR/AR Association. “In order for us to keep shaping the future of spatial computing, we need to support the future generation of talent to create new worlds beyond our imagination. It's refreshing to see two institutions working together to build this bright future.”

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