VFS presents The Actor’s Expo Online alongside CasAzul and Casting Workbook

Actors of all skill levels are invited to connect with the industry and each other in this two-day, online conference.

Announcement Highlights:

  • The two-day expo is a free event for actors of all experience levels to connect with the industry and attend online discussions.
  • Panelists include Academy Award©-nominated actor Marina de Tavira, Netflix’s VP of Spanish-language Originals Francisco Ramos, Writer/Director Simon Barry, Writer/Producer Jacquie Gould, and renowned Mexican actor Damián Alcázar.
  • Discussions will span a variety of topics, from acting fundamentals, to kissing your co-star, to embracing diversity in acting.
  • The event will be hosted by both English and Spanish-speaking guest speakers.

(VANCOUVER, B.C.) May 11, 2021 – Vancouver Film School (VFS), in partnership with CasAzul and Casting Workbook, has announced the launch of The Actor’s Expo Online. The two-day, free event offers the opportunity for actors of all experience levels to connect with the industry and attend numerous panels, presented by professionals in the creative industry.

Hosted in both English and Spanish, the panels will span a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of acting, evolving technology, the effects of the pandemic on the industry, and a poignant discussion on embracing diversity in acting. Confirmed guest speakers include Academy Award©-nominated actor Marina de Tavira, Netflix’s VP of Spanish-language Originals Francisco Ramos, Omari Newton (The Dragon Prince), Karin Konoval (Planet of the Apes), Simon Barry (Writer/Director, Warrior Nun, Van Helsing), Jacquie Gould (Writer/Director, Van Helsing), VFS’s Head of Acting Jennifer Clement, Eréndira Ibarra (Sense8), and award-winning Mexican actor Damián Alcázar.


“We are humbled and honoured to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for actors from all walks of life to gather with their fellow community of creative artists and to ultimately be inspired. We have assembled such an incredible panel of guests to share their expertise in all facets of the creative experience. These challenging times have made it especially difficult to connect with one another, and we truly believe this event will reignite the passion that drives the actor in all of us.”-Jennifer Clement – Head of Acting, VFS


For more information about The Actor’s Expo, visit https://vfs.edu/events/actors-expo/en.



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About CasAzul

Located in Mexico, CasAzul is a place for studying and practicing the art of acting. In this academic project sponsored by the Argos group, those interested in developing their skills as an actor can pursue a three-year program, accompanied by various workshops.

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