Join us over Spring Break for two fun-filled days exploring careers in the entertainment industry!


Our Creative Break camps feature hands-on workshops led by experienced professionals in VFX, Classical Animation, Acting, Makeup, Digital Design, Film Production, Writing and Sound Design. You will learn about B.C.’s booming creative economy, and discover how VFS’ unique one-year intensive education model can quickly launch you into a career in the industry. 


Each two-day workshop is $225 CAD
Take two workshops for $400 CAD


March 18 - 19, 2019
March 20 - 21, 2019
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day


8:30 a.m. on the first day
151 W. Cordova St.
Vancouver, B.C.

**Students must confirm they are 15 to 18 years old at the beginning of the workshop in order to register.

We’re continually improving our curriculum to enhance your experience at VFS. Please note that the content below may be subject to minor curriculum changes.

Makeup Design: Makeup for Stage + Screen: From Trauma to Tattoos

On day one, you will create painted skulls to better understand facial anatomy and the principles of highlight and shadow. Then, you will learn how to create tattoo transfers that you will design yourself! Day two, you will learn about and apply various injury make-ups: blood, bruises, cuts, black eyes. At the end of the day, you will apply and color the tattoos you designed!

Dates: March 18-19, March 20-21

Writing: Creating a TV Series

Have you ever sat on your couch watching TV or a movie and turned to your friend, parent or dog and said, “Who writes this garbage? I can do better than this!” Well now’s your chance! Through lecture and interactive discussion (including select screenings) you will enjoy an overview of what goes into creating dramatic and comedy narratives designed for the current television market. We will focus on character design and development, as well as story, structure and the importance of theme and plot. We will then workshop your original series ideas to illustrate the above concepts and test viability. You must bring in and be prepared to pitch an original dramatic (60 minutes) or comedy (30 minutes) television concept (pilot idea) that will include: Overall Premise, Leading and Key Characters, Style and Tone.

Dates: March 18-19, March 20-21

Acting: Audition. Cast. Shoot: Script to Screen in Two Days

Join us for an On-Camera Audition and Acting intensive in a small group setting. This intimate and interactive workshop will get you into the text, on your feet and in front of the camera. We will cover scene breakdown, character development and camera fundamentals to get you prepped for the shoot. Your audition and scene work will be led by industry professionals and you’ll finish the workshop with the raw footage and a taste for the fast-paced life of a working actor in Vancouver.

Dates: March 18-19, March 20-21

Sound Design: Intro to Protools!

Did you know that 84% of VFS Sound Design graduates are employed in the industry within 6 months of graduating? The VFS Sound Design program trains you to be a Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor, among other titles, in one of the biggest sound industries in the world, Vancouver. Taught by industry experts, by the end of this workshop you will have a solid grounding in Protools basics for film sound editing and you will be confident to launch yourself into more in-depth training in Sound Design..

Dates: March 20-21

The Future of Motion Graphics - Design and Animate a Futuristic User Interface (FUI)

Interested in learning how to make FUI’s and HUDs (heads up displays) like in Iron Man or the Hunger Games? Advanced UI was something that we would find in sci-fi films previously. However, in this tech era FUI’s, GUI’s and HUD’s have become increasingly popular and we can see examples of them in our daily lives in places like museums, concerts, café menus, games, television and all touch screen experiences.  In this intensive workshop, we will learn the core fundamentals of creating spectacular FUI. Principles of typography, compositional language, and layouts will be covered to create powerful compositions. We will explore techniques using AfterEffects for data visualization, dynamic texturing, animating  and compositing. We will also explore Red Giant Plugins to create assets and then use advanced compositing and grading techniques in After Effects.

Dates: March 18-19

Classical Animation

Are you inspired by the limitless creative potential of animation? Do you understand that the technology of animation is constantly evolving, but the principles of crafting unforgettable characters and engaging journeys remain stronger than ever! We have just the workshop for you! Delve into the fundamentals of drawing, animating and basic art direction in this two-day workshop.

Dates: March 18-19 

Movie VFX

Ever wonder how filmmakers create the VFX you see on screen for movies like Iron Man, Star Wars or Game of Thrones? Are you interested in harnessing both your technical and creative skills into a highly sought-after career? Come join us at VFS to learn firsthand how these amazing images are created. Working with industry pros you will be led on a two-day intensive workshop. Starting off with a brief introduction of behind-the-scenes breakdowns, students will gain experience shooting green screen elements in our production studio, which they will then key and composite into a final scene.

Dates: March 20-21

Film Production: Cinematic Storytelling

What does baking a cake and making a film have in common? You can’t do it without a “recipe”. Instead of flour, butter, eggs and sugar, it takes, among other things, story, acting, directing, lighting, and camera to make a movie. Join us for our intensive hands on, two-day workshop on cinematic storytelling to learn the basic (and maybe a little delicious) ingredients of filmmaking.

Dates: March 18-19

Sorry, this workshop is now sold out.

Film Production: Finishing the Story: Editing & Post Production

After the final shot is in the can...when the actors, director and the rest of the crews’ job is over… that’s when the unseen creative heroes of filmmaking get their turn to shine. Editing the film… adding sound… creating effects… taking all the various pieces of the production and turning them into a coherent story is the real movie magic. Spend two days with post-production industry professionals to learn how it’s done.

Dates: March 20-21

Sorry, this workshop is now sold out.