Join us over Spring Break for two days of career exploration in the entertainment industry!


Our Creative Break camps feature direct production workshops led by experienced professionals in Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Acting, Makeup, Digital Design, Film Production, Writing, and Sound Design. You will learn about B.C.’s booming creative economy, and discover how VFS’s accelerated one-year education model can fast-track your career in the industry.


Each two-day workshop is C$225
Take two workshops for C$400


March 16-17, 18-19 & 23-24, 2020


8:30 a.m. on the first day
151 West Cordova St.
Vancouver, BC

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**Students must confirm they are 15 to 18 years old at the beginning of the workshop in order to register.


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We’re constantly improving our curriculum to enhance your experience at VFS. Please note that the content below may be subject to change.

Makeup Design | Makeup for Stage & Screen: From Trauma to Tattoos

From police procedurals to horror films, the stories we tell on stage and screen are filled with bruises and scars. Learn how to create realistic tattoos that replicate these injuries in our two-day makeup workshop. On first day, you will paint skulls to get a better understanding of facial anatomy and the principles of highlight and shadow, and you will learn how to create tattoo transfers of your own design. The following day, you will learn to apply injury makeups: blood, bruises, cuts, and black eyes, finishing with the application and colouring of the tattoos you designed.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Writing | Creating a TV Series

Have you ever wondered how a story goes from page to screen? Enjoy an overview of the creative process behind creating dramatic and comedic narratives for the current television market. Focus on character design and development, as well as story, structure, and the importance of theme and plot, then workshop your original series idea and test its viability. You must bring and be prepared to pitch an original dramatic (60 minutes) or comedy (30 minutes) television concept (pilot) that features an overall premise, leading and other key characters, and style and tone.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Acting | Audition. Cast. Shoot: Script to Screen in Two Days

Join us for an on-camera audition and acting intensive in a small group setting. This interactive workshop will get you into the text, on your feet, and in front of the camera. We will cover scene breakdown, character development, and camera fundamentals to get you prepped for the shoot. Industry professionals will guide you through your audition and scene work, and you will finish the workshop with your raw footage and a taste for the fast-paced life of a working actor in Vancouver.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Sound Design | Intro to Pro Tools

The VFS Sound Design program trains you to be a sound designer and dialogue editor, among other titles, in one of the biggest sound industries in the world: Vancouver. Taught by industry experts, this workshop will provide you a solid foundation in Pro Tools basics for film sound editing, giving you the confidence and experience to pursue more in-depth training in Sound Design.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Digital Design | Design and Animate a Title Sequence

Title sequences date back to the early days of filmmaking and still play a significant role in digital storytelling. In this workshop, you will learn about the history of title sequences, explore the genres that influence today’s designs, and understand how techniques have evolved over time: from traditional film to short programming platforms such as social and web content. You will then dive into a practical demonstration in Adobe After Effects, learning industry practices and creating professional-level transitions and effects using footage and animation. No prior knowledge of the software is required for this course.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Classical Animation

Does the limitless creative potential of animation inspire you? Do you understand that the technology of animation is constantly evolving, but that the principles of creating unforgettable characters and engaging journeys remain stronger than ever? We have just the workshop for you. Delve into the fundamentals of drawing, animating, and basic art direction in this two-day workshop.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Animation & Visual Effects | Visual Effects for Film

Have you ever wondered how filmmakers create the visual effects and environments for Star Wars, or Game of Thrones? Are you interested in harnessing both your technical and creative skills into a highly sought-after career? Join us for a two-day intensive workshop led by industry professionals to learn firsthand how they create these spectacular images. Starting with a brief introduction of behind-the-scenes breakdowns, you will gain experience shooting green screen elements in our production studio, which you will then key and composite into a final scene.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Film Production | Cinematic Storytelling

Making a film is a complex operation that requires many moving parts to come together: story, acting, directing, lighting, and camera work. Join us for an intensive, two-day production workshop on cinematic storytelling to learn about the key elements involved in the process of filmmaking.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.

Film Production | Finishing the Story: Editing & Post-Production

The story does not end when the shoot wraps — that is when the unseen creative heroes of filmmaking get their turn to shine. They edit the film, add sound, create effects, and take the various pieces of the production to turn them into a coherent story. Spend two days with post-production industry professionals to learn how they get it done.

Sorry, this workshop is cancelled.