Available on:
October 31, 2021
$870 per month
1 Bedroom
No Smoking Allowed
Pets Okay

14th West 14th Ave, Kitsilano

My name is Ruben Scott and I am 19 from England, and I'm a current VFS Film Production student and I have a housing offer for you!

I live in a super quiet and peaceful neighborhood in Kitsilano, 22 min (from door to door) from the VFS campus, and I live with 3 other roommates, all of which are former/current VFS students! (2 Film Production, 2 sound design)

We're all tightly knit as we've started living together ever since our course started back in March of this year.

The room is private and has a shared bathroom and shower. The house is fully furnished, and with rent and utility combined, I think it fits right in your budget at $870 a month total.

If I've got your attention so far, I'd love to hear back from you to give you more details with some pictures of the house and the room you'll be occupying.

And feel free to ask away with any questions you have. I'm also adding a list of some of our amenities below.

Some of our amenities include:

- Refrigerator/freezer
- Washing machine and dryer
- Full kitchen with stoves, microwave, and an oven
- Pots, Frying pans, Utensils, Bowls, Plates, etc. (I cook a lot!)
- Heater, but no A/C :(
- Full outdoor patio with tables and chairs (I also recently bought a mini grill so we've been having some dope campfires)
- Garage
- A nice and open backyard
- Furnitures; including some table lamps and desks
- A HUGE TV in the living room with two couches to chillax on
- Netflix subscriptions, Prime Videos, Chrome cast

Some location benefits:

- 10 min walk away from local supermarket (Loblaws)
- ^^^ same distance for the bus stop to get to Downtown/Campus
- 5 min walk away from local park
- 20 min bus ride away from Downtown
- 30 min walk away from Kitsilano Beach

Oh and lastly, one important thing to note that I'd like to mention to you to conclude this offer is that our lease was signed to be held for only a year, so that means the current lease will be ending on February of 2022 (next year) so you'll either have to renew the lease yourself, or find a new place to move into. I understand that this might cause inconvenience by a term or two into your program if you're starting your classes in October, so I had to let you know!

That is all.

Hope to hear back from you!


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