Mpfree Friday: Komplete Disaster

By VFS Web Team, on July 20, 2007

Upavas A. HaufThought we'd drop some acid-house on your Friday party, MPFree-of-charge, courtesy Upavas A. Hauf, a student in the Sound Design program here at VFS. Beware: The track is a seven-minute electro-monster. Panic symptoms are to be expected.
So how did Upavas get so squelchy with the synth?
"Well, I went to Goa, India in the mid-eighties and hung out there for a while, and that was also where I heard purely electronic music for the first time that had some kind of kick and bass over an ambient theme sound. Later in Germany and much later in other countries that kind of sound was to be called 'techno-house' and much later on 'Trance' as it kept on developing into what it is now."
Do you ever DJ in Vancouver?
"Oh, now and then. Next time, probably once I hit term 5 and have a wee bit more time, I'll play a DJ set at Organix (Fridays) @ 23 Cordova Street!"
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