2009: By the Numbers

By VFS Web Team, on December 29, 2009

Sometimes cold, hard facts are comforting. (Hey, for some people, baseball statistics are therapy.) So as we say goodbye to '09 and look back on the year we've had, we thought we'd give you some numbers to chew on. Delicious numbers.
9 - of the top 10 highest grossing films of 2009 had VFS grads in the credits. The only holdout? The Hangover, which we still think was pretty good and we'll forgive it someday.
10 - That's how many weeks in a row at the height of the summer blockbuster season major films with VFS grads credited hit theatres. 10!
15 - The number of films shortlisted for the visual effects Oscar. It also just so happens to be the number of films shortlisted for the visual effects Oscar that featured contributions by VFS alumni. (That's right, all of them.)
18 - The number of countries from which students came to our one-week Summer Intensive Programs in 2009. It was an incredible gathering of talent and passion for the entertainment arts! Fun.
20 - VFS grads on Watchmen, which is pretty great, but then there's the...
43 - grads on District 9.We're pretty sure this is a VFS record.
500 - We passed this milestone on our YouTube channe l - 500 student films and reels posted. It's now over 600. Any viewer, no matter who you are, will find something to like here.
204,600,000 - is the worldwide gross, in US dollars, of District 9,thus guaranteeing we'll be hearing lots more from grad Neill Blomkamp - and hopefully soon.
Obviously, numbers don't tell the whole story. Check out vfs.com/2009 to find out lots more about this landmark year.