Summer 2010 VFS Impact Awards

By VFS Web Team, on September 9, 2010

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Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin introduces the Summer 2010 VFS Impact Awards

It was a night to remember at the Summer 2010 VFS Impact Awards. The evening was a pitch-perfect throwback to a golden era while the awards themselves celebrated the very future of entertainment.
The sold-out gala, planned and carried out by Entertainment Business Management students, began with a line outside the club that stretched up the street and around the corner. With anticipation high, the Red Room packed, and an audience dressed to the nines, the evening boasted live '50s-themed entertainment, great food, and awards.
Especially notable were two wins - The Difference Maker Award and The Public Enlightenment Award - for Daniela Cervantes' Film Production documentary Hide and Seek, a must-see and often devastating exploration of the challenges faced by gay youth. Actor Matthew Lillard(Scooby-Doo, Scream) was also among the winners for his ongoing mentorship and support of Acting for Film & Television students.
Here's a gallery of photos from the night:

Visit for the complete list of winners! Here are the winners:
The Difference Maker Award
Hide and Seek - Film Production
Daniela Cervantes
Watch it on YouTube
The Outstanding Performance Award
Reminiscing Her - Film Production
Payal Singh
The Outstanding Character Design Award
Zebra - Makeup Design for Film & Television
Sara Lee
The Zero to Sixty Award
Budding Love - Digital Character Animation
Michael Tse
The Public Enlightenment Award
Hide and Seek - Film Production
Daniela Cervantes
The Emotional Impact Award
The Light Pressure of a Thought - Classical Animation
Paula Assadourian
The More Than the Sum of Its Parts Award
Mora Azul - Entertainment Business Management
Jenny Bourne, Rebeca Ricoy and Diana Garcia Mendez
See the Blast Light episode about it
The Outstanding Setting Design Award
Loved - Film Production
Jennifer Li
Watch it on YouTube
The Friend of VFS Award
Matthew Lillard - Acting for Film & TelevisionFind out more about Matthew Lillard's important role at VFS
The Technical Achievement Award
Cyburbia - Film Production
Arun Fryer
Watch it on YouTube
The Storyteller Award
Stealing Canada - Writing for Film & Television
Tyler Smith
The Mission Impossible Award
Knossos Freaky 13 - Foundation Visual Art & Design
Chris Walker, Will Houston, Gary Slyvester, Corey Kurke, Jason Obermeyer, Jon Berezan and Mauro Gagliega