Juno Award Nom for VFS Grad Music Video

By VFS Web Team, on February 15, 2012

As we mentioned recently, Classical Animation grad Jon Busby and Blatant Studios -- which he founded with Digital Character Animation grad Jesse Davidge -- teamed up for a second time with Vancouver-based indie crooner Dan Mangan for a music video project.
The video, for Mangan's "Rows of Houses", is now up for a 2012 Juno Award for Video of the Year! (That's the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys, for our international readers.) The awards aren't until March 26th through April 1st,  but you can check out the video now on BlatantStudios.com.
We asked Jon to tell us more about how this project came together.
Could you tell us a bit about the creative treatment for this video? What was the concept at the start?
Jon: Well, when I was first asked to write, I was told the track was lyrically based on the movie Stand by Me and the album was a darker and deeper effort from Dan. I wasn't interested in doing anything directly related to the movie, so instead I wrote a quick story involving ideas from the song that stuck out to me, such as homogenous urban sprawl and expansion.
I then went over it all with Dan and he had similar concepts in mind, so it actually work out really well.
What's it like collaborating with Dan Mangan?
Jon: For a guy who has spent so much time building a career on his own, Dan is a great collaborator. I like to get the story nailed down with him to start, and then let the details evolve as we're making it, both visually and conceptually, and just steer them in the right direction. But if those initial ideas are in place, he is very trusting and lets us run a bit, which is great, though it may be because we've worked together before. For this project we were on set together which is always fun, the Mangan crew is a bunch of good dudes.
He seems to have been catapulted to fame in the last while. Does that put any pressure on Blatant to up your game as music video creators?
Jon: Oh for sure, but that's a very good thing. They're a great creative outlet, giving a chance to experiment and improve. You'll see more.
Thanks, Jon. Congrats to everyone at Blatant and good luck at the Junos!