New World-Class Animation Campus Opens to Wild Applause

By VFS Web Team, on August 29, 2013

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Equal parts excitement and inspiration: that was the feeling in the air on Monday as students opened the doors for the first time to the new Vancouver Film School Animation & Visual Effects campus at 151 West Cordova Street in Vancouver. All three programs in the Animation & Visual Effects department—Classical Animation,Digital Character Animation, and 3D Animation & Visual Effectswill be housed in the new 42,000 square-foot facility.
The new campus, situated on the former site of the tourist attraction Storyeum, underwent $4.5 million in renovations to transform the space into one of the premier animation schools in the world. In addition to a completely redesigned building, the campus also boasts a new fiber network, Qube! (the leading render farm management system), and a 1,600 square-foot, 280-degree green screen studio. It should also be mentioned that students are also excited about the student showers, secure bike area, and expanded lounge complete with foosball tables.
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It makes sense then that the hallways were full of buzzing voices, pointing fingers, and Instagramming phones as3D Animation & Visual Effects students filed into a 72-seat surround sound theatre for a welcome speech fromMarty Hasselbach, Managing Director of VFS.  Students chatted excitedly about the campus and its new features as they took their seats. Daniel Beaulieu, a student from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, described how he was excited that the new location of the campus was "closer to the action," making attending networking events and the "Draw by Night" drawing party at the VFS Cafe that much easier.
Daniel also talked about how the new professional studios had changed his work habits, noting that the dimmable LED lighting was a huge draw. Negin Paydarfar, another student, echoed this sentiment as she reflected on how the new campus feels like more than just a school, that the space is more akin to an industry setting, that being in the classroom is "more like a work experience."
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Both students also took the time to mention how the movie posters that line the campus walls, which feature the names of VFS alumni who worked on the films, were a huge inspiration. Overall, graduates of the Animation & Visual Effects programs have worked on the 17 highest-grossing films of all time.
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As Marty began to speak at the welcome assembly, he also brought the focus back to the students and what they can accomplish: "We're extremely proud of this campus," said Marty, "not only as a facility to showcase to industry leaders, but also as a platform to showcase our students and their talented work. " He went on to mention that together with staff, students, and alumni, the new campus will be a focal point in the world of animation. 
Are you alumni, media, or a prospective student curious about the new campus? You can book an appointment for campus tours by contacting VFS at 604-685-5808 or 1-800-661-4101. (Please note that walk-ins cannot be accommodated.)
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Best of luck to everyone as they continue their week at the new campus—and save us a game at the foosball table!