VFS Alumni Give us "Goosebumps"

By VFS Web Team, on October 16, 2015

Viewer beware, you're in for a scare!

The Goosebumps franchise--originally a series of children's horror fiction novellas—was adapted for television in ’95 and is now a feature film starring Jack Black. Opening today, it’s definitely a GREAT time of year to indulge in the scary and comic worlds of R.L. Stine, wouldn’t you say?

VFS grads from 3D Animation + Visual Effects, Foundation Visual Art + Design, Entertainment Business Management, Film Production, and Digital Character Animation helped bring magic to the screen. They are:

Pornthep Wongkitigumjorn (Senior Lighting/Lookdev TD)
Sheik Ghafoor (Rigging Support TD)
Gudjon Kristjansson (Digital Compositor)
Seok Ryan Jang (Digital Compositor)
John Brix (Technical Animator/Creature FX TD)
Maria Ximena Lozano (VFX Production Manager)
Parichoy Choudhury (Lighting TD)
Daniel Baker (VFX Production Coordinator)
Eduardo Parra (Digital Compositor)
Ivy Ho (Lighting TD)
Ryan McDougal (VFX/CG Supervisor + Lead 2D/3D Artist)
Joshua Goetz (Compositor)
Andrea Rosa (Digital Artist)
Farhad Mohasseb (Lead Compositor)
Taylor Lenton (Lighting TD)
David Skorepa (Texture Artist)
Xin Guo (Layout TD)
Jozef Van Eenbergen (Software Developer)
Gudjon Kristjansson (Compositor)

Check out their great work in the trailer below and wade in some nostalgia...

Congratulations, all!