Deadpool Breaks Records With a Little Help From VFS Grads

By VFS Web Team, on February 15, 2016

No one doubted that Deadpool, the cheekiest character in the Marvel universe, was going to perform well at the box office. But people may not have expected it to rake in as much as it did: $132 million in its opening weekend alone. Even with a built-in fan base -- and a hilarious Valentine’s Day marketing campaign hard at play -- these numbers are staggering. In fact, they’re the best for any R-rated (well deserved, by the way) film opening ever and now there’s talk of Deadpool’s success actually changing the way superhero films are made.

Needless to say, we’re huge fans. For starters, Deadpool is played by Canadian favourite Ryan Reynolds — a no-brainer choice for the role. It was filmed right here in Vancouver, and a host of Vancouver Film School graduates from Sound Design for Visual Media, Digital Character Animation, Acting Essentials, Acting for Film + Television, Writing for Film and Television3D Animation + Visual Effects, Film Production, and Foundation Visual Art + Design worked on the film! They are:

Millar Montgomery (Boom Operator)
Priya Ayengar (Compositor)
William Towle (Digital Compositor)
Jeremy Ezekiel Penker (Digital Compositor)
Milton Ng (Grip)
Rene Allegretti (Matchmove Artist)
Dean Mangion (Matchmove Artist)
Alan Fregtman (Pipeline Td)
Shawn Sahara (Roto & Paint Artist)
Ronen Tanchum (Senior Fx Td)
Jose Luis Alfredo (Senior Visual Effects Compositor)
Ehsan Shokrgozar (Technical Director)
Shawn Walsh (Visual Effects Executive Producer)
Thelma Rangel (Digital Compositor)
Aatash Amir (Actor)
Richard Gillies (Animator)
Bruno Nicko (Assistant Technical Director)
Marley Poniedzielnik (Casting)
Rex Fang (Animator)

To fully appreciate the kind of work these talented VFS alumni do, take a look at the trailer:

C'mon. Who doesn’t love a superhero with some sass?

Congratulations, all! 

*If we've missed any alumni in this post, please email us at and we'll be happy to update!