Summer Blockbusters Get a Boost from VFS Grads

By VFS Web Team, on May 30, 2016

New and old favourite mutants merge in X-Men: Apocalypse — the ninth installment in the beloved film series. It all starts in 1983 when En Sabah Nur, more commonly known as Apocalypse, wakes up from a 5,000 year nap. Despite being well rested, he’s not very happy with how things turned out. Perhaps it’s the result of a severe case of FOMO, but he throws the words “cleansing” and “destroy” around quite liberally. When Apocalypse recruits some very powerful sidekicks (Storm, Psylocke, Angel, and Magneto), the X-Men are on high alert. Stakes this high means the Blackbird is fired up and Xavier’s students are let out early for recess. It’s the perfect potion for a summer blockbuster experience.

We know some amazing VFS grads from 3D Animation + Visual Effects and Foundation Visual Art + Design who put their super power talents to the screen. They are:

Saptarshi Chakraborty (Digital Compositor)
Derek Rein (Digital Compositor)
Samson Wong (Environment Lead)
Oliver Seemann (Matte Painter)
Jagdeep Saggu (Paint & Roto)
Giorgio Bertolone (Rigging Supervisor)
Christine Peterson (Senior Compositor)
Timothy Chou (Stereo Supervisor)
Ricardo Bonisoli (Visual Effects Artist)
Stephanie Pocklington (Visual Effects Artist)
Gudjon Kristjansson (Compositor)

Alice is back down the rabbit hole. In this sequel, Mia Wasikowska battles Sacha Baron Cohen in a race against time — literally. He plays Time. All the quirk and wonder of the first film seems to have returned full force, along with the same stellar cast. Yes, that includes the incomparable Alan Rickman. If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to engage the limits of your imagination, this is it. 

An amazing number of VFS grads from 3D Animation + Visual Effects, Foundation Visual Art + Design, and Classical Animation added creative flourish to Alice Through the Looking Glass. They are:  

Anna Cardillo (Animator)
Keith Turner (Animator)
Stavroula Ioanniti (Compositor)
Kaelen Cohen (Digital Compositor)
Jooyoung Lee (Digital Compositor)
Oded Granot (Digital Compositor)
Jordan Catracchia (Digital Compositor)
Tuba Yalcin (Effects Technical Director)
James Mcphail (FX TD)
Kristin Pratt (Layout Lead)
Marteinn Oskarsson (Lead Pipeline Technical Director)
Eric Wong (Lighting TD)
Teh-Wei Yeh (Lighting Technical Director)
Taeyoung Kim (Lighting Technical Director)
Dhruv Govil (Pipeline)
Ronen Tanchum (Senior Effects Technical Director)
Kieran Tether (Senior Lighting Technical Director)
Timothy Chou (Stereo Supervisor)
Natalie Smith (Stereo Rotoscope Artist)
Odemaris Burgos Rocha (Stereo Rotoscope Artist)
Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein (Roto Artist)
Shane Meehan (Roto Artist)

Congrats, all! 

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