Our Favourite Spots Around Your Campus

By VFS Web Team, on August 30, 2016

To the new students starting their Vancouver Film School journey with us this week, welcome! We want to make these first couple of weeks easier, so we’re sharing our favourite places to eat — and things to do — around each one of our campuses. You’ll soon discover that Gastown is a hotbed of activity with plenty of dining options. It’s also a stunning backdrop, harkening back to Vancouver’s past with each adorable lamppost and cobblestone trail. You’ll love it here — in more ways than one!

Take a look at our list, jot down the places you think you’d like to try, and embrace all that is Gastown!

198 West Hastings Street

Nestled beside Victory Square Park, this campus is home to Acting Essentials, Acting for Film + Television, Makeup Design for Film + Television, and Writing for Film and Television. It's definitely a busy place!

Fresh Bowl (360 Cambie Street)

  • It’s close, fast, healthy, and VFS students get 10% off their order.

Bean Around the World (175 W Hastings St)

  • This coffee joint is a staple institution and it’s right across the street. It’s like Cheers.

purebread (159 W Hastings Street)

  • This place is like stepping through the closet doors to Narnia. The sweet smell of freshly baked goods will brighten your day. The only problem is that you’ll have trouble choosing.

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Tsuki's Sushi Bar (509 Abbott Street)

  • This is a great little place to get your fast sushi fix. And it’s decently priced — bonus!

Cineplex (88 W Pender Street)

  • We don’t have to go into why this is great. If you’re at Vancouver Film School, chances are you like movies.  

Uyu (433 Abbott Street)

  • At VFS, we believe that ice cream should be enjoyed year round. So, visit this place often and enjoy their great flavours and yummy toppings!

Acme Café (51 W Hastings Street)

  • With great sandwiches, awesome desserts, fun drinks, and booths, what’s not to love? They also make their own gluten free bread that tastes so good and it doesn’t look sad next your friend’s plate.

142 Water Street/151 West Cordova Street

They may have separate entrances, but Film Production and Animation share the same beautiful building!

JJ Bean Woodward’s (146 W Cordova Street)

  • This is a popular place for Animation students and faculty to grab a coffee and a snack.

The Charles Bar (136 W. Cordova Street)

  • It’s always busy, which is a good thing, and you can seat large groups of people. You’ll definitely have your favourite thing on the menu and rarely stray.

Soft Peaks (25 Alexander Street)

  • It’s organic soft serve with a local twist. They recently added ice milk bars to their menu. Organic means it’s healthy, right?

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Timbertrain (311 W Cordova Street)

  • It’s good coffee with delicious treats and a big work area in the second portion of the shop. A great place to hang out and get caffeinated.

Old Faithful Shop (320 W Cordova Street)

  • A quality goods shop that feeds into the hipster heart in all of us.

The Lamplighter Public House (92 Water Street)

  • With arcade games and a revamped menu, Lamplighter also has a patio. Patios are generally hard to find in Vancouver, so take advantage of them while the weather’s HOT!

420 Homer Street/400 West Hastings Street

The Digital Design campus is across from the Sound Design for Visual Media and Foundation Visual Art + Design campus. This convenient geography comes in handy when Foundation uses DD’s theatres for their final project presentations!

Finch’s Tea and Coffee House (353 W Pender Street)

  • Often used as a filming location, this quaint little shop serves up delicious, fresh ingredients in their famous sandwiches and salads. Get there early and beat the lunch rush!

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Harbour Centre Food Court (2000-555 W Hastings Street)

  • If you’re not sure what to eat and you want to wade through a variety of options, head down to the Harbour Centre food court! You’re sure to find something.

MacLeod's Books (455 W Pender Street)

  • A huge selection of used books awaits you here, plus a pang of nostalgia. Why? Parts of Never Ending Story were filmed at this location! There haven’t been any Falkor sightings yet, but we’re hopeful.

88 Pender Street

Game Design and Programming for Games, Web + Mobile share a campus in the heart of Chinatown.

Matchstick Coffee (213 E Georgia Street)

  • First? Their website is ADORABLE. Killer coffee + freshly baked goodies and meals every day = win.

CrackleCreme Bakery (245 Union Street)

  • Doesn’t the name of this bakery just sound good? You can get artisan crème brûlée (in a variety of flavours) and authentic Belgian liege waffles — delicious! And coffee, too!

The Message Cafe (75 E Pender Street)

  • A bike lover’s coffee shop that promises a chill environment and good grub.

To punctuate this list, we have a video that brings you to these storefronts and more!

If you have your own favourite places in Gastown, share them with us on our social media channels. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your next break! Or coffee. Or lunch. Or dessert. Or snack. Or movie. Or book.