VFS Grads Make Their Mark on 'Logan'

By VFS Web Team, on February 27, 2017

Could Logan be an Oscar contender? The Internet sure seems to think so.

The latest and final chapter in Wolverine’s solo saga is currently sitting at a cool 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Weaving Western mythology with the Marvel universe, director James Mangold’s Logan is said to be as violent as it is emotional — creating a cinematic experience that is truly singular. While the post-apocalyptic backdrop isn’t new, the 2029 timeline explores eerily similar themes to the current American climate where the film is set — you know, the persecution of outsiders, marginalization, that sort of thing. So, be prepared for Logan to resonate on a number of levels.

The film centres on a past-his-prime Logan (Hugh Jackman), ailing Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and mysterious young mutant Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen), giving this film a tighter focus and emphasis on character – something that is often lacking in superhero films. Also, Logan managed to score an R rating, which frees it of the restraints inherent in a PG rating.

It should be noted that this is Hugh Jackman’s final bow as Wolverine, the role that made him into a bona fide superstar. Overall, Jackman extracted his impressive set of claws nine times, which means he’s portrayed this character more than anyone in any superhero flick ever — and we love him for it. Hey, remember when Dougray Scott turned down Wolverine to play the villain in Mission Impossible II instead? *cough*

We want to congratulate the Vancouver Film School grads from Foundation Visual Art + Design and 3D Animation + Visual Effects who helped make Wolverine the gem that is. They are:

Joao Bogossian (Compositor)
Dean Mangion (Matchmove Artist)
Sheik Ghafoor (Rigging Artist)
Shawn Walsh (Visual Effects Executive Producer)
Daniel Azevedo (Compositor)
Lia Ioanniti (Compositor)
Julia Flanagan (Animator)
Andrew McCartney (Animator)
Kai Pederson (Lighting TD)
Nicolas Torres (Animator)

If you see Logan, comment below and let us know what you think!

*If we've missed any alumni in this post, please email us at social@vfs.com and we'll be happy to update!